5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Tiles For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the spaces in the house where we usually spend the most time while enjoying cooking, eating, or chatting. Clearly, it should be practical, easy to clean, and also have an absolute aesthetic value. And one of the first steps to take when considering the style of the kitchen is to decide the type of tiles you are going to use.

It is not easy since you have to figure out how to choose the best tiles. When taking aesthetics into account, you should not lose sight of other valuable details. If you are not very clear on how to do it, make use of these five tips to choose the right tiles for your kitchen.

1. Create A Unity Of Style, And That Combines Everything

The first step to choose the kitchen tiles is to combine with the rest of the house. Tiles are a part of the style of your kitchen; they are a fundamental piece to bring exclusivity and personality to your kitchen. Therefore, you should choose them in keeping with furniture, countertops, and style. Like, if you buy furniture with straight lines and basic colors, choose tiles that are consistent and add a touch of color. Make no mistake here and look for a model that integrates better with the whole.

2. Look Closely At The Quality Of The Tile

One of the tips to choose the kitchen tiles is that you do not get carried away by the low prices and the bargains. Always look at the quality. A poor quality tile will not last and can lose its shine, chip, crack, or even come off in no time. When tiling the kitchen, we are interested that it lasts as many years as possible and supports the intensive use that every kitchen supports.

3. Know-How Many Tiles You Need

Take a good look at the surfaces that are going to be tiled. Take into account every detail like if you are only going to veneer the walls up to half a height and combine with paint or if you are also going to cover an island, the dining area, etc. Make a rough calculation of how many tiles you will need to cover the kitchen area, so you will not spend more than necessary. Also, think of the tile size. Some kitchen glass tiles cover more areas due to their size. If you do not know how to estimate the number of tiles you need, consult a professional.

4. Pay Attention To Type

Some common types of tiles are stoneware, porcelain or ceramic, stoneware, and imitation hydraulic. Each one has its advantages and its price. Stoneware and ceramics are the most common bet for their durability, proper maintenance, variety of colors, and cost. The imitation hydraulic tile is the latest in vintage kitchens, essential for a kitchen with strong character and personality. It presents designs from the past with the advantages of the best material in the present.

5. Layout Of The Tiles

Tiles usually have several dispositions to make specific compositions and figures. The same tile will give us different style impressions if we place it horizontally or vertically or even diagonally. Another way to create different styles is to introduce color and make compositions with the same tile in different colors. Kitchen backsplash tiles are the ones that most people use for this purpose. Don't forget that you can also decorate with rugs to give a different touch to the decor.

Bonus Tip: Assess Whether To Introduce A Border

To give a unique look to your kitchen, opt for the borders or the hydraulic tiles. But remember only put this style on a single wall, so as not to overload the borders. It will add aesthetic value to any composition, giving an original, fresh look to your kitchen.

Finally, some tiles never go out of style and always manage to stay in trend despite the passage of time. So, if you do not want to have to change the tiling from time to time, go for such simple, modern tiles.

We hope that with these simple tips you can find the ideal tile for your kitchen, combining style, durability, quality, and the price.

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