Impact of COVID-19 On Telecom Companies

Homogenously, when people are not working, streamers and broadcasters are gazing flood in VOD, as people in quarantine are looking across different content to pass their time. Alone Netflix has surged its subscribers in the lockdowns because people have to do any activity to give their free time.

According to the credible institute, streaming has surged during the lockdowns as people are spending their time while watching movies and seasons. Similarly, multiple devices are gazing the similar content creating load on the network and YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Indeed, the EU has asked the content providers to low their quality to accommodate as much as people. It’s unprecedented that these service providers have lowered their content quality for the first time to ease pressure on broadband networks.

Primarily, the focus is on an equal opportunity, and everybody gets the chance to watch so that masses have activities to do at home. The lockdowns don’t create depression or family problems for the people. And let the lockdown remain smooth.

Management of Traffic

The complete telecom solution providers witness a tremendous amount of bandwidth utilized. Courteous service is the utmost need for all broadband providers. In this case, telecom companies have to shape network traffic for equitable, decent access to all.

So, it was urgently needed to degrade the quality of service. It will enable telecom services providers to manage traffic through the network. The technique includes traffic limitation, optimization of RAN, video optimization, and different plans of services.

What is fair access?

For non-technical people, it’s essential to understand. Specific traffic comes at the expense of other traffic. You must be wonder net contradicts non-partiality of even playing field!

You’re thinking rightly, it drops the mission-crucial traffic, or drop traffic one user in favor of another that is unfair and extremely dangerous. When traffic on any website is too much, some of the users are denied access.

It requires DPI (deep packet inspection); figure out and classify encrypted traffic and enable to the enforcement of policies to be mission-crucial services continue to work through the network. It keeps regulating for fair access.

What should complete telecom solution providers do?

Nowadays, due to surging corona cases, demand and automation are increased. The traffic management policies are needed than ever before. Since millions of people are working, streaming, and consuming the internet from home, that’s unprecedented. To manage additional traffic, with the below mentioned tool, you can handle it.
  • Avoid congestion in the traffic at a critical location.
  • Prioritize critical traffic, such as education, streaming, or emergency services.
  • Make sure the network is somewhat used to allow maximum people to benefit from the quality and accessibility.

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