Is Traditional Word-of-mouth Advertising and Marketing Obsolete?

Due to the advancement in technology, there seems to be a shift to online marketing compared to other traditional forms of marketing. Some old advertising methods are not being used nowadays.

There are several reasons behind this shift such as cost whereby some traditional advertising methods used to be costly compared to modern-day online marketing.

There is a lot of change in the world of sales and marketing as technology continues to advance. One question that keeps on popping in people's minds is whether word-of-mouth advertising has become obsolete.

Additional reasons why the traditional forms of marketing are diminishing every single day.
There are no Metrics Tracking Traditional Advertising

Word of mouth marketing provides little chance for marketers to track metrics. However, with online marketing design, it is very easy to track detailed metrics using programs such as Google Analytics and other SEO advertising tools.
Ability to Pinpoint Your Marketing Targets

Nowadays, online marketing has enabled marketers to select the target audience whom they are going to market their products or services to. With traditional marketing design, this was not possible. With digital marketing there will be no wasted efforts because your marketing will be targeted.
Marketers Had To Use Money to Buy Leads

In the traditional form of advertising, businesses had to spend money to buy qualified leads. In today’s online marketing world money is not as relevant. What is more important is to create a meaningful relationship with your potential customers.

There are some of the traditional forms of marketing that have been in existence for a long time. As marketing continues to evolve, these are likely to become obsolete in the coming years. Some of these include;


Newspapers’ content has been a much-honored form of advertising. Nowadays, it is expensive compared to other forms of advertising.

Local Radio

This form of advertising is still being used. But, if you compare its effectiveness with other forms of marketing such as online marketing or SEO, people will start to choose differently.

Yellow Pages

Not so many people will spend their time looking for businesses or services in the yellow pages' contents. It is much easier to search online.

Direct Mailing

Nowadays direct mails end up into the dustbins of the recipients. Printing these emails is also costly for a business. However, if done correctly, email marketing can still be effective in an outreach strategy.

Some of the traditional forms of marketing are becoming obsolete but some are still applicable. Anchor Digital is a company offering effective digital marketing solutions. Get in touch with Anchor Digital for more information on digital marketing for your business.

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