List of Top 2020 Korean Dramas

Netflix launched another major production of Korean dramas, and found Liang Shizong and Yu Zhaohuan to star in "My Kingdom" and spent NT$500 million on filming. Finally, it will be broadcast. In addition, Jin Huiyun, who is shining in "Sky City", joins hands with handsome young Fresh meat SF9 Lu Yun and Li Zaixu, who played Mu Nu Nuan in "Please enter the search term WWW", made a famous romantic performance drama "A day by accident", you can prepare to catch up!

Elegant Home

"Elegant Home" The play is a suspenseful love drama, which focuses on the hidden secrets of the chaebolists and the risk management of the owners. It tells the successors of the chaebol who lost their mother because of the murder case 15 years ago. The story of the truth of the event. Lin Xiuxiang plays Mo Shuoxi, she is the only daughter of MC Group, and she has both intellectual value and financial resources. Although she is an unscrupulous chaebol, she is actually a character who tries to find out that her mother died 15 years ago. Li Zhangyu plays Xu Yundao.

He is a character who is more tenacious than weeds. Although he has nothing but his heart is full of love, he is a lone third-rate lawyer. He didn’t have a strong personal background, not even a decent office. He solved all the worries of the residents in a small room, and was miraculously cut into a corner by the MC Group TOP group to become a group lawyer, where he met Mo Shuoxi. . friDay video broadcast Online Dunya.

Flower Party

The play is about the three-person Huamei male matchmaker who is more beautiful than a woman, including Jin Minzai, Park Zhixun, Bian Youxi, three different styles of men, met with a man-like tough girl Kong Shengyan, and Wang Suo Unfolding Korean marriage story. In order to survive at the bottom of the fiercely competitive market, Kong Shengyan gave up female costumes and dressed up as men. As long as he gave money, he could do any job.

He could cut wood, transport rice, slaughter live fish, and even persuade him. Kim Min-jae plays North Korea’s best male matchmaker and Hanyang’s hot male who boasts a 99% marriage rate. The "flower party boss" who can help with all matters of love, marriage, divorce and remarriage. The beautiful young man Park Zhixun from Wanna One, this time was the image consultant in the flower party. It is a hot celebrity in Hanyang City, with outstanding fashion taste and profound styling knowledge, which can turn any "non-favorable" image into a "favorable type". friDay video 9/17 is exclusively broadcast.

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When Camellia Blooms

Finally, waiting for Kong Xiaozhen to return to the small screen again, it was co-created by the director of Rongxun Che from "Bai Xi is Back" and "Arbitrary Attachment" and the writers of Lin Shangchun from "Bai Xi is Back" and "The Road to Three Streams". This play tells the story of "Dongbai" and the three men centered on her-good guys, bad guys, stingy guys. Kong Xiaozhen plays the izakaya called "Camelia", a single mother who works independently, and the newly retired Jiang He plays the actor Huang Longzhi, a police patrol. Such a special combination makes people look forward to. Netflix will start on September 18 Worldwide every Wednesday and Thursday.

Kong Xiaozhen deserves to be the queen of ratings. "Camellia Blossoming" not only set its own new high ratings and became the champion of the same period, but also the topic champion in early October. Even the day after Cai Yilin said on Facebook that he changed the new husband and called "urgent, Who can help me convey Long Zhi, please ask him to finish the case, here is the part of Huang 2c and the backstage card to give him!!!.

Secret Boutique

Describe the stories of people devoured by money and power, and have the power to command money, but still want more, and want to defend the power game between the people they own. Jin Xuan'er played Jenny Zhang from the bather in the Jiangnan bathhouse to the maid of DEO's house, turned into a secret line in the financial world, and held the golden egg in the international city development, aiming at the position of DEO's female emperor.

In the events of international urban development, women are fighting for power, revenge, and seeking survival power, swallowed by money and power. FriDay video and iQiyi are broadcast simultaneously.

Wave Breaking Point

Starring "National Boyfriend" Lee Seung Gi and "National First Love" Hideyoshi, spent 25 billion won (nearly NT$ 710 million), and the 11-month filming of "The Wave Breaking Point" will be broadcast on the 20th The plot begins with the crash of a civil airliner, describing the huge organization and conspiracy behind the incident that slowly emerged from the surface, and the "Wanderers" who lost their names and their families experienced crises in the process of pursuing the truth story. Netflix exclusively broadcast.

In the play, Li Shengji played the role of stunt stand-in actor Che Dajian. He lost his only family member because of an airplane crash, and because he witnessed terrorist acts, he began investigating the crash and slowly uncovered corruption in the country. Dark side. The show went to Morocco and Portugal for filming. Since its debut, Suzy, who has been showing feminine beauty for her debut, also challenged spy action films for the first time. The two worked together again six years apart. They were hailed by Korean media as the most "clean eye" combination.

Please Melt Me

Chi Changxu will perform this fantasy romantic drama with beautiful witch Yin Shiya, new generation actress Yuan Zhener and the strongest green leaf Lin Yuanxi, describing a pair of young men and women who were accidentally frozen from 1999 to 2020 because they participated in the "Frozen Man Experiment".

Awakening, they are like the next generation, they are surprised that their family and friends are all old, all relationships are reshuffled, and life is zeroed and restarted. This time, Chi Changxu, who is a "frozen beautiful man", plays a variety show producer Ma Dongcan. The superb production ability that grabbed the attention of the audience made him the trump card of the TV station.

The personality who dared to dash and dared even went to the sea to participate in the "Frozen Man Experiment". Completely different. The powerful Ma Dongcan was uncomfortable with the Secretary’s suggestions, such as: senior actor traveling together, two men doing three meals a day, and even proposals to open restaurants overseas were shot, all of which were used to predict the most popular variety shows in recent years. On the one hand, it increases the interest of drama, on the other hand, it also advertises tvN's popular variety shows. The humorous way makes people look forward to the broadcast of "Please Melt Me". 9/19 aired on iQiyi Taiwan.

Very cheap, Maxima supermarket

"It's Cheap, Maxima Supermarket" describes the founding hero of the Malaysian Group, Zheng Fudong, who was exiled to the local ─"Maxima Supermarket" as the president, and he wanted to close the supermarket for revenge, and Wen Xijiu (Li Donghui, the manager of the supermarket) (Fun) An interesting story about wrestling. For Li Donghui, who first collaborated, Jin Bingzhe described the relationship as "eating sugar cane". We originally thought he was very restrained and calm.

My Kingdom

The production cost is up to 20 billion won (approximately NT$550 million), and the Korean new "man of the year" Liang Shizong, the new generation of devil male star Yu Huohuan and the "national goddess" Jin Xuexuan starred 'S new drama "My Kingdom" will be broadcast in South Korea, "My Kingdom" with the drama background of the late Korea and early Korea, and found Liang Shizong to play the straight and uncompromising samurai "Xu ​​Hui", Yu Zhaohuan It was "Nan Xuanhao" who played Wen Wu Shuangquan, and Xue Xuan played "Han Xizhu" who was clever and had his own beliefs. Director Jin Zhenyuan said that when he chose Liang Shizong, he felt that his sincerity contained soft acting, but he also showed men On the strong side, like a changing ball, although the course is curved, it can accurately score. Yu Huanhuan's eyes are as powerful as a straight ball. Although Xue Xuan's appearance is full of feminine charm, it gives people a sense of integrity. It will be broadcast on the same day as Korea this Friday and Saturday at 24:00.

Korean Romantic Comedy-Mung Bean Biography

Adapted from the popular online comic of the same name, "Korean Romantic Comedy-Mung Bean Biography" starring Zhang Dongyin, Kim Soo Hyun, Jiang Taiwu, "Sky City" Lian Jingya's doctor's husband Zheng Junhao starring about wearing a woman's dress because of an accident The whole mung bean (Zhang Dongyin) who infiltrated the mysterious widow village of the man’s forbidden land met the girl Dong Dongzhu (Jin Suo Hou) who didn’t want to be a prostitute, and then developed a Korean-era romantic comedy with an interesting story.

Director Jin Donghui actively broke the news at the press conference In order to conform to the original work, I conducted many auditions just to find out the most suitable actor. Until I met Zhang Dongyin and found that he seemed to have almost no throat knot, it was not difficult to dress up and use CG post-production. I was happy to determine the cast immediately. , But Zhang Dongyinwen hurriedly picked up the microphone and said, "I have a throat knot." The cute reaction made the audience laugh. friDay video is updated from 10/1 every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 am.

A day by accident

"A Day I Found by chance" describes the rich girl who suffered from heart disease. After the strange things around her, she suddenly realized that she was a character in the comics, wanting to rebel against her destiny, and began to work hard to find the fantasy of real life and love. The romantic love story on campus, created by the director of "Glamorous Temptation" Jin Shangye, led by Jin Huiyun, Lu Yun, Li Zaixu, Na En, Zheng Jianzhu, Jin Yongda, Li Taili and many other stars.

Lu Yun this time in "A Day by accident" In addition to being the leading actor for the first time, Zhong is also the first time in the play to love each other with his favorite people, laughing that his love can finally be realized, "please enter the search word WWW" Mu Hai, a male kelp, revealed in a press conference The role played in the previous game is very kind. This time the role is very cold and very different, but it happens that I have been trying hard to let the audience see a different look.

Clear Sun Electronics Miss Li

Li Shanxin (played by Hyeri) is like a "post-it girl". The person in charge of all the chores in the company is her. Colleagues shouted "Miss Li" and "Miss Li" one after another, and almost no one remembered her. I didn’t expect the company to face the crisis of bankruptcy. When I was drunk at a dinner party, my colleague was promoted as a new representative by "turning a wine bottle". I was responsible for leading everyone to reverse their disadvantages overnight, which was originally her. Instead, the boss Liu Zhenxu had to take orders from the little screw, which was funny and unreasonable.

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