Pros And Cons Of Having A YouTube Intro

Most of us love to watch videos on the Internet. People spend a considerable amount of time surfing the web to watch videos about different topics. Three former PayPal employees first made a website dedicated to watching the video. This way YouTube first started to show videos on every topic in the year 2005. But the following year, Google bought the website for $1.65 billion. Over time YouTube gained its popularity and now ranks second among social media platforms. Currently, the website has over 2 billion followers, and with each passing day, it is increasing. Content creators upload videos on a regular basis. But making a video might look simple, but it requires a lot of work. Just shooting a video won’t provide you what you want. It requires editing, as well. We know editing software tends to cost a lot of money. But people can always find budget-friendly video makers on the Internet.

When most of us tune into YouTube to watch a video, we witness an intro, apart from music videos. This intro tends to last for a few seconds.

What do you mean by YouTube intro?

The intro of a video refers to the first few seconds, 5 to 30 seconds clip, and that we see before the main video starts to play. With the help of YouTube, intro content creators set the tone for the channel. It also helps the views get a glimpse and idea regarding which type of content they will watch. YouTube intros usually consist of the channel name and its logo. It helps the audience identify the channel. YouTube intro has the capability to make or break any video. When audiences click on your video, they first notice the YouTube intro. If the clip fails to grab attention, then audiences will click out. Hence it is important to create an intro, which will grab attention and fun to watch.

How to make a YouTube intro?

Those who want to edit their YouTube intro without spending a lot of money should visit InVideo. This YouTube intro maker provides the customers with a variety of templates for the intro that you can customize. They also have a wide range of features, such as animation, graphics, and transition. Just by following a few simple steps, people can create an intro for their channel. Also, this website does not charge any money for their service.

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Why should I have an intro for my YouTube videos?

We have compiled a few reasons why one requires an intro for their YouTube videos. This will assist you get an idea about why one should have an intro for their video.

1. It gives your audience an idea about your channel

With the help of a YouTube intro, the views can get a clear idea about what to expect from your channel. Those who can use this intro well will familiarize the audience with your channel’s feel, look, and theme. Also, it helps the views get a context before they start watching the actual video.

2. Intros help with brand recall.

Those who use YouTube for marketing can utilize the intro very well. If you want people to know about your brand, then try to put it in the intro of your video. Your viewers will recognize your brand immediately when they click on your video and look at the intro. Hence it plays a significant role in brand recall.

3. YouTube intro helps to build trust.

If you upload an intro, which is consistent, the viewers will have an idea of what to expect from you. And we know consistency can help you build trust as well as familiarity. Those who upload reliable content, and if your audiences enjoy watching them they will come back again and again to watch your videos.

4. Intros tend to give information.

People often think content creators use YouTube intro for branding purposes. But it is not valid. You can use the intro to let your audiences know about certain vital information such as your upload schedule, other social media handles, or any additional information that you think your audience would like to know.

Why don’t you need a YouTube intro?

Now we will discuss a few things why you don’t need an intro for your YouTube videos.

1. Many users click out of the video that contains intros

According to a study, many users don’t like to watch an intro when they click on a video. If the video contains an intro, they tend to click out of it immediately. This leads to a decrease in audience engagement. According to the YouTube algorithm, your video won’t display higher in the search bar if it lacks audience engagement.

2. YouTube intro allows skipping the video

We know that any barricade between a view and the content can provide the opportunity to skip the video. YouTube has millions of videos on a particular topic that viewers can click and straight go to the actual content. Hence using an intro to stop them can harm your channel.

3. Prevents the audience from engaging with the video

A YouTube intro takes about 5 to 30 seconds of your video in the beginning. People often tend to click out of your video and start watching something else. If your intro fails to attract viewers or engage them, then consider not using it.

4. It must add value to your channel and videos.

It is important for your intro to communicate well with your audience. If it misses to do so, then the whole point of using the YouTube intro gets lost. Making an intro can be difficult for a few channels. You need the intro to be fun, quick, and creative to grab the attention of the audiences immediately. Or else the intro can cause you to lose viewers.

By looking at the points mentioned above, you can decide whether you need a YouTube intro or not. Make sure to create a catchy and fun intro for your videos. Those who fail to do so should not include an intro in their video.

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