The Effect of Environment on the Learning Outcomes

The modern way of teaching is very different compared to how our parents and grandparents were taught when they were children. While earlier the teaching-learning method relied a great deal on learning through rote, the new method emphasizes on providing a positive and stimulating environment for the students with the aim of helping them develop their creative thinking so that they get a holistic education. If you look at some of the top schools in Faridabad, you will find that the teachers try to create a positive environment in the classroom. This is done to motivate the students and create an interest in their minds about learning something new and interesting.

In this article, we will share with you some points about why some of the best schools in an NIT Faridabad rely so heavily on creating a conducive atmosphere in the class with the aim of improving quality education.

Points About Why some of The Best schools in an NIT Faridabad

1). It makes the students better prepared:
It has been observed that those students who are encouraged to study more instead of forcing information to them through the regimented schooling are more likely to succeed in learning quickly. To illustrate this point, you will find that a student can concentrate far better in a peaceful classroom compared to a room where chaos regaining supreme. Therefore, most schools in NIT are geared towards offering a conducive environment where the student can achieve his or her full potential.

2). It makes the study interesting:
It is but natural that if you are forced to do something, then you should develop an anathema towards it. The traditional way of teaching was forcing the students to learn through rote and make them practice a subject repeatedly so that it becomes ingrained in his or her mind. This is a very unscientific way of teaching something to young minds. Modern education, on the other hand, focuses on ensuring that the students enjoy the learning process. The school tries to create an environment wherein the student instead of thinking “I have to do it” begins to think “I love to do it.” To create this attitude a positive environment in the school plays an important role.

3). Infrastructure also plays a great role:
A school with a great infrastructure is better prepared to significantly improve the learning process of the students as it offers multiple ways to make the learning process and make it enjoyable for the students. When we talk about infrastructure, then in addition to the physical infrastructure of the school, the faculty member (teachers) also comes into the equation. In a school, if the teachers are highly motivated to make sure that all students develop to their full potential, then they can play a significant role in inculcating a scientific temperament among the students and help create an interest in their subjects.

This point shows how a positive environment can help a student get interested in his or her studies and unlock the potential within and be a highly productive citizen instrumental in the progress of society.

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