Cloud computing offers scalable resources through various subscription models. This means that you only have to pay for the computer resources you use. This helps manage spikes in demands without the need to invest permanently in computer hardware.

Netflix, for example, takes advantage of this cloud computing potential to its advantage. Due to its on-demand transmission service, it faces large increases in server load at peak times. The movement to migrate from internal data centers to the cloud allowed the company to significantly expand its customer base without having to invest in the configuration and maintenance of an expensive infrastructure.


The expanded computing power and the capacity of the cloud allow us to store information about the user's preferences. This can be used to provide customized solutions, messages and products based on user behavior and preferences.

Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant: they are all intelligent natural language robots based on the cloud. These chatbots take advantage of the computing capabilities of the cloud to provide personalized experiences relevant to the client's context. The next time you say "Hi Siri!" Remember that there is an artificial intelligence solution based on the cloud behind it.


The cloud allows users to enjoy network-based access to communication tools such as emails and calendars. Most messaging and calling applications, such as Skype and WhatsApp, are also based on cloud infrastructure. All your messages and information are stored on the service provider's hardware instead of on your personal device. This allows you to access your information from anywhere through the Internet.


microsoft-office- examples of cloud computing

Office tools, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs, use cloud computing, which allows you to use your most productive tools over the Internet. You can work on your documents, presentations and spreadsheets, from anywhere, at any time. With your data stored in the cloud, you do not need to worry about data loss in case your device is stolen, lost or damaged. The cloud also helps to share documents and allows different people to work on the same document at the same time.


Many business management applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP), are also based on a cloud service provider. Software as a service (SAAS) has become a popular method for implementing enterprise-level software.

Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, etc. They are popular examples of this model. This method is profitable and efficient for both the service provider and the clients. It guarantees the administration, maintenance and security without problems of the critical business resources of your organization and allows you to access these applications in a convenient way through a web browser.

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