Who Invented Cricket?

Who does not know about cricket in India and who does not like it? Be it street cricket or the World Cup. If we talk about the popularity of cricket, then cricket is second only to football in the world.

Cricket was not invented, rather it was first played by the British in 1935.

How did the cricket start? 

Who started What year did it begin? It is believed that cricket started after the end of the Roman Empire. And King Edward 2 of England played it in his time but there is no evidence of all these things.

Cricket was started by watching the Bowls game. In this bowls game, only the ball was played using it. Initially, to play cricket, a wood was made by making his bat and a ball made of thread or a small canker was used. Using a tree or gate for wickets.

Evidence of earlier cricket:

Who started cricket and in which year it is difficult to answer, but it can be guessed. Therefore, one would not know about an incident that happened in the 16th century. This is it, a case was filed in 1597 in England over a land dispute. The drug was owned by the 59-year-old coroner and John Derrick.

He told the court that he used to play cricket in this land after school in 1550, 50 years ago. Because nobody had claimed to play cricket before this. Therefore, after this case, the first time to play cricket was told as 1550.

Till the beginning of the 17th century, only young children played cricket and only time was a game. Now there is a small anecdote behind how this game reached children from elders. In 1611, two young children did not go to church on Sunday and started playing cricket, due to which they were prosecuted.

Because before this there was no evidence of a young child playing cricket, so after this case, the first young child is considered to be the first form of playing cricket. And in the same year, cricket word was added to the dictionary.

Cricket Rules:

If you talk about the rules of cricket in the early 18th century, the rules of cricket were like this. 2 teams came to the ground with their butts, butts were not like that in those days. The wickets would hit both sides of the pitch and toss it using the coin. The one who won the toss would bat.

The bowling would not throw the ball down on the ground like today. At that time there would have been only four balls of an over, the umpires would have been happy with the wickets and would have written the runes on a small mound.

In 1889, 5 balls were made from 4 balls in the over. Some countries made 8 balls in one over in 1922, but after the Second World War, from 1947, 6 balls were made in one over.

The highest score at that time was 40. Because the bowling was done by throwing the ball on the ground below, so they could not score more runs. The pads were not for safety, so there were a lot of injuries.

In 1770, he started pitching the ball, which made it easier for the batsman to hit the shot. Bollers also got the chance to bring new dates like spin in Boling. If bathing in bowling style, some bowlers used to bowling underarm earlier. After this, the round arm started bowling. In 1880, overarm bowling became the most used.

Cricket began to become very popular in the 19th century, a lot of rule changes were introduced. A lot of changes were made inside the bat as well. In 1774, the rule of the leg before the law and the third stump was introduced. Things like ball size, pads, and gloves started getting better and better. Boundaries were first introduced in the 1870s. Before the Bonds rule came, batsmen had to take runs after every ball hit.

Cricket clubs:

The world's first cricket club was formed in 1760. Later Marylebone Cricket Club Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) was formed. Which makes the rules and regulations of cricket and does a lot of work. And today the International cricket council (ICC) handles many of the functions of the MCC.

Cricket reached North America after England. After 18th century cricket after England gradually reached many Surrey countries. And the introduction of cricket in India was introduced by the British East India Company.

Some Interesting Things About Cricket

  1. England is the inventor of the modern cricket game.
  2. The father of cricket is called W. G. Grace, W. G. Grace was an English cricketer. He made his Test debut on 6 September 1880 against Australia.
  3. If we talk about the world's best cricketer, he is Don Bradman. He made his Test debut on 30 November 1928 against England.
  4. If you talk about which player of India who did the first 100 in Test cricket, then it is Lala Amarnath.
  5. The first Test cricket match took place between England and Australia in the year 1877.
  6. We all know that there is an over in 6 ball but do you know when 1 over in 6 balls started? 1 over in 6 balls was started in the year 1900.
  7. The first one-day cricket match was started in 1971 between England and Australia.
  8. The first scoreboard was used in 1964.
  9. The first World Chhapu was launched in 1975.
  10. West Indies won the first World Cup.
  11. India played its first one-day cricket match in 1974 with England.
  12. India had won its first World Cup in 1983, followed by 2011.
  13. India played their first Test cricket match in 1932 and that match was with England.

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