Seven Things To Keep In Mind Before Purchasing Bridal Jewellery

One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is shopping for bridal jewellery. This is no mean task as it is one of the most expensive investments that you are going to make. Even if you have been an expert in shopping or have a lot of idea about jewellery shopping, many factors need to be kept in mind before you choose the precious jewellery. We list below seven such things that you need to keep in mind.
  • Do a good research – Before you decide what type of bridal jewellery to buy, do a thorough research. Jewellery is very costly and therefore you must understand the different terms in jewellery. Be aware of the current gold rate and the handmade jewellery making charges of gold. Most people do not come well informed or well prepared when they come to buy jewellery and hence get a rude shock!
  • Heirloom jewellery – Most Indian families have a tradition of giving the jewellery that was once owned by their forefathers, grand parents or great grandparents, to the to-be-bride. In such a case check out your ancestral jewellery before you, buy a new one so that both are in sync to one another.
  • Lenenga vs jewellery – You must buy your jewellery before you buy your wedding lehenga. Jewellery is a costly investment and hence you must pick your jewellery first.
  • Budget – We all have a budget planned for our wedding and for the jewellery. You must stick you your budget. There is no point looking at jewellery that falls beyond your budget. That will only be more time consuming and give you disappointments for not being able to possess it. Also, when you see jewellery that is not according to your budget, you do not like the ones that are a little low priced. You must draw a line or have a fixed lower and upper limit and go by it.
  • One or two – Most of us are confused between buying one big heavy bridal set or two smaller sets. it is recommended to buy two smaller sets to give them a better display and also you can wear them for less grand occasions also.
  • Style – Trendy jewellery look attractive and beautiful but old traditional classic jewellery is worth investing money in! Jewellery will stay with you for a long time. Trends change and so will the trendy handmade jewellery design soon go out of fashion while the classic one will always remain in style.
  • Keep your face cut in mind – If you have a round face, a broad matha patti will make your face look all the bigger and fuller. Those whose face is broad, can wear a bigger maangtika. an oval faced person should avoid wearing long necklaces as it gives an elongated appearance.

If you keep the above points in mind, you are sure to pick up the most suitable and perfect bridal jewellery. Just as all other aspects of wedding planning need time, effort and preparation; you must start bridal jewellery shopping at least three months prior to the wedding. Last minute shopping would only help you make hasty and may be incorrect decisions.

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