Ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary at home

It's always fun to be celebrating wedding anniversaries at home, being far far away from getting in the chaos of arranging a party of the people and thereafter listening to their complaints about what went wrong. So not worthy of messing up your day on this day. Don’t you think? Rather, peaceful quality time with just the two of you celebrating your togetherness sounds quite special and easier than it seems. Talk together a walk down the blissful memories of a lifetime that you have made with your partner by celebrating your 1st or 50th wedding anniversary together at home. We guarantee you are gonna love it!

  • Bake Your Anniversary Cake Together - Try replicating your happy wedding anniversary cake which helped you both to ring into the happier times. Look for some cake recipe, get all the necessary ingredients and start the preparations. You can bake a red velvet cake or a chocolate truffle cake in the structure of a towering tier cake or some other kind as per your creativity and baking skills. You can deck it up with some edible flowers, colourful sprinkles and other such icing elements. So what the cake didn’t turn up the way you or the recipe expected it to, all that matters is you tried to get along while recreating your wedding cake with your loving partner. That too, on your anniversary! You can even think of choosing some online bakery to order cake online in Pune, Delhi or whichever place you are currently residing in.
  • Go Through Your Wedding Photo Albums And Video - Get those old photo albums out and take a glance through all of it as you both giggle and blush discussing the pictures or the takes of the wedding video over sipping a glass of wine together. Burst up into tears as you both go through what you have earned for the lifetime.
  • Renew Your Vows - Just like the old times, make your corridor your aisle, play “Din Shagna Da” or Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” as you both renew your vows. It will be indeed a heartwarming act as you reflect on how time flies by in a blink of an eye when two lovebirds like you both are having a gala time.
  • Have A Candlelit Dinner - Now, whoever said that candlelit dinners are only possible at some posh restaurant with some cosy decor wasn’t quite creative enough. 
  • You can have a small cordial candlelit dinner set up in your backyard or garden by getting it decorated with some fairy lights and setting a table. Use a cheap table runner to add a little color and texture.
  • Get the foods and drinks menu sorted before you get engaged with the setup.
  • Get Your Gifts Delivered - What are anniversary celebrations without some amazing gifts to pamper your partner with? Nothing, quite literally right? So, choose something like a piece of jewellery, some personalised gift or something that your partner is secretly wishing for and gets it delivered at your doorstep to leave your partner surprised to the core.

So, these were some of the ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary with your partner at home, happily ever after.
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