Benefits Of Vitamin D: Why You Should Add It To Your Regular Supplements

Vitamin supplements are nothing new in a world where everything (well, most things) your body needs to maintain its health can be found in capsules and bottles. Vitamins, iron, potassium, zinc, beta carotene, and a slew of others are easily available in groceries and pharmacies because they’re over-the-counter commodities.

But there’s one type that seems to not be getting enough attention, and that’s Vitamin D. And now that most of us try to stay indoors as much as possible since COVID-19 struck, our natural dose of it from the sun is lessened even more.

From, here’s where and why you should get your regular dose of Vitamin D and what will do for your overall well-being.

What You Can Get Out Of Vitamin D

Bone Health

Vitamin D is tagged as “the bone vitamin”. It regulates the manner in which calcium is absorbed by your body and stabilizes the levels of phosphorus in your bloodstream. Both of these nutrients are essential in bone strength and maintenance.

There’s a misconception running amuck that Vitamin D is essential only for children for bone development and for combating rickets (a bone-deficiency decease that makes bones soft). But this is not scientifically true.
Adults need Vitamin D so as to reduce the risk of osteomalacia, especially as bones regress in strength and density as we grow older. Though this is more prevalent in the elderly, studies have shown that even those who are 30 and above are also prone to poor bone health. Along with this, osteoporosis is also another ailment that targets bones, and Vitamin D can slow down, or even halt its occurrence.

Muscle Strength

Along with our bones, our muscles also go through a kind of natural decline as we age. They become less and less toned because of tissue weakening, as well as an overall deceleration of processes in the nervous system (heightened with lack of nutrients and exercise). Though these cannot be halted 100%, their negative effects can somehow be mitigated.

Vitamin D is one of the keys to how this can be done the healthy way. Along with proper dieting, protein intake, and exercise, it can bring muscle mass back to wellness. When this happens, muscles will be less brittle and rigid. They’ll be much stronger, too.

Immune System Support

Here’s one of the types of vitamins that have been known to assist in supporting your immune system. Studies reveal that Vitamin D is among that which reduces risks leading to acute respiratory infection. In other words, it helps strengthen your respiratory system. 

The proper amount and intake of Vitamin D will boost your immune system so as to be less susceptible to influenza, respiratory ailments, and infections that lead to immune system-enfeebling.

Weight Loss

There have been studies regarding the correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and weight loss. You’ll be surprised to know that it has been found out, people with sufficient intake of Vitamin D were able to lose weight faster than those who didn’t include it as a supplement.

It isn’t a miracle weight-loss pill that sheds off pounds in an instant. It is, however, an additional aid in fat reduction by strengthening muscles and increasing muscle mass.

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