Marketing as a whole is game of proactively working on your customers' psychology. Content marketing is one of the best ways to influence your website visitors in the best possible way. Many digital marketing agencies aren't able to implement content marketing in a proper manner. It is said that "content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound, marketing but costs about 62% less." Very few agencies decide to elevate content marketing, but this approach is wrong. Now is the time to tap the usefulness of having good content. Here are some tips that might help in driving conversions through content marketing:

Study your customers' behaviour

If you are a digital marketing company in Bangalore or a business owner or a blogger, imagine yourself as a customer/visitor and think about your own online behaviour. What exactly makes you visit a website or a blog? What are the words you type out in the search bar? How do you go about searching for what exactly you want? This is a great way to understand and target specific customers. This will help you figure out the right keywords which will lead someone to your company. Choosing the right keywords for website content will grab customers who really need your services.

Understand your customer's needs

Empathizing with your customers pain will never cause you pain. Think about how good or bad your services actually are. Reach out to customers and get their valuable feedback. Always pay attention and be open to the most criticizing reviews about your company. Keeping all these factors in mind, create content that actually acknowledges and provides solutions to your customers' problems. Your content should be able to relate and lessen their woes.

Create creative headlines

Now this might sound way too common, but yes, it never gets old. Your content is no meaning without a meaningful headline. If your headlines aren't that great, no one will be compelled to actually read what you have written. It is said that more than 80% of the people never go beyond the headlines, so you have got to make sure that you keep someone's eyes hooked to your content. This will lead to more views and people will be happy to share your content on many social media platforms.

Call to Action

Make your content persuasive for people to actually do something. Be very clear about what your intent actually is and make people sign up for a service, subscribe to your social media channels, watch some videos, etc. If you have a series of blog posts on a specific topic, make sure to include the links to the other blog posts as well. Remember to make people act at the absolute, right time.

Find innovative content ideas

Make an effort to do a bit of research and brainstorming for coming up with great content ideas. Keep yourself engaged with the latest trends by reading magazines, newspapers, blogs; watching videos and listening to podcasts. You can also go on to tell a tale about your company which the audience might find interesting. Don't lie and brag about anything though. Make your content engaging, inspiring, and above all, productive enough.

Increase content readability

Your content has got to be more than just plain words. Your content needs to have a proper layout and order. Include some amazing photos, attractive graphics, videos and animations that will instantly distract anyone. Your web design also matters in this case. Apart from all this, make sure that there is enough white space between the words and around the borders of your blog. If the text is too close, that will decrease the readiblity to a large extent. Choose appropriate font and font size for the text.

Promote your content

Gain recognition and appreciation for your excellent work by posting your content on different social media platforms. Use LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook for this purpose. Besides that, invite reputable people to write a blog for your website, enable good linkbuilding practices and use influencer marketing to give your content a boost. This will get you in touch with people who are in your field who will be glad to connect with you. If people really like your content, they will be more than happy to do all your promotion for you.


There are many digital marketing agencies that often underestimate the power of content. Many people don't know how to incorporate content marketing strategies in the right way. The few tactics that have been listed above may help you in driving conversions for a long term.

Author Bio:
Rtn Bala Kumaran is a CEO and Founder of BrandStory who writes for a variety of online publications. He loves writing blogs and promoting websites related to SEO, Guest Blogging, education, fashion, travel, health and technology sectors.

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