How PMP training can help advance your career

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, which is issued by the Project Management Institute, is one of the best training available if you are interested in making a career in the field of Project Management. It is a distinguished professional qualification that can help advance your career. The PMP certification can be acquired after clearing the PMP exam that is conducted by the PMI. PMP training online is a great way to enhance your career opportunities and show your employer that you have the skills to lead and manage the projects that your organization undertakes.

The PMP certification and training can help you validate the skills that you have by getting a globally recognized certification that is accepted by companies all around the world. By going through the compulsory PMP training before sitting for the PMP examination, you will be able to acquire skills that are required to handle demanding projects that are time and resource sensitive. This training will help you become a project manager who can handle complex projects and deliver results within the stipulated timelines and allocated budgets. Companies recruit individuals for different tasks that come from different educational as well as cultural and social backgrounds. Companies need to have professionals who know how to lead a team and ensure the success of the project they are working on. Therefore, PMP certified individuals are highly beneficial for companies.

Who is the PMP certification training for?

The PMP certification and training course can be pursued by anyone who fulfills the eligibility criteria for giving the PMP exam. Anyone who would like to switch their career paths to become a project manager or anyone who would like to begin their career in this field should apply for the PMP exam and begin the preparation. In general, a PMP certification would be extremely useful for individuals who are working in a similar field and would like to enhance and acquire new skills. PMP certification training would be very useful for professionals who are:

  • IT Project Managers
  • Project Leaders
  • Product Managers
  • Project Team Members seeking PMP or CAPM
  • Project Sponsors
  • Team leaders
  • Project Analysts 
  • Project Managers
  • Associate Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Program Managers

How does a PMP certification help in advancing your career?

Higher Demand for PMP certified professionals: PMP certified professionals will get a lot of job opportunities that are unique and require a specific skill set that is specific and scarcely available in the job market. Therefore, the demand for professionals who are well trained in the field of project management is always high in demand. As a professional, who is PMP certified, you will have several benefits over the people who have not been certified. PMP certification can benefit you, as an individual and your organization as a whole. Your updated skills in project management can help your organization significantly.

Learn and upgrade your skills: PMP certification will give a boost to your career by showcasing and validating your skills as a project manager. By completing this training and getting your certification, you will be able to show your employer that you have the skills to take up bigger and better projects and hence, showcase your skills. Along with this, by completing this certification training, you will also be eligible for getting some of the top roles in companies that are globally recognized. This certification will help you boost your career exponentially.

The training will expand your skillset: The rigorous training that you will be provided throughout the certification training program will develop your skills and will give you a new perspective on how to deal with the various aspects of project management. The training will make you more versatile and expand your skillset. The training will teach you about the standardized set of industry standards that are followed by project managers all over the world and will empower you to become an expert in the field of project management. Along with this, you will also be taught about program management and portfolio management. This will ensure that you are trained in all aspects of project management.

Get international opportunities: An individual who is PMP certified will be recognized as a Project Management Professional all around the world. This training can lead to several opportunities that would not have been possible otherwise. By going through this training and getting the certification, you can have a lot of job opportunities in any industry of your choice. The scope of opportunities will also get increased as this certification is recognized worldwide and therefore, you can also explore international offers. This certification will give way to better career growth and will allow you to develop and showcase your skills at an international platform.

Increase your salary prospects: PMI surveyed the salaries of people who have been PMP certified, which revealed that PMP certified individuals earn approximately 23% higher than their non-certified counterparts. This data was collected by PMI from over 26,000 project managers spread all around the world in 34 countries. In the United States, a certified PMP professional would earn $108,000 per year on average. In other paying countries such as Australia and Switzerland, the average salaries per year are $134,658 and $133,605, respectively. The salary that you will earn would depend heavily on the location of your job, your previous work experience, and various other factors such as education, industry, etc. However, you can expect a significant increase in your salary by pursuing the PMP training and getting PMP certified.

You can change your job profile and industry: A PMP certification can be really useful if you would like to change or update your job profile or shift to an entirely new industry. Project Management is something that is an essential part of various industries and all organizations require competent and certified Project Management professionals to ensure smooth functioning of their operations. As long as you are in the field of project management, you can easily change your job profile and industry.

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