What you should know about Amazon and Google?

The relationship between Amazon and Google is heating up day by day since both giants are seeking to gain a leadership position in the online world. Thus, Amazon aims to take on Google’s ad business. At the same time, Amazon does not stop investing in Google’s search ads.

Amazon is known as an active spender on search. In 2013, the online retailer giant spent nearly $157.7 million on Google’s search ads. With ecommerce being the present and the future, the biggest part of purchases starts with online research. Therefore, most of the retailers are open to spending thousands of dollars on paid search advertising. Amazon is no different.

As a rule, Google has two ads: text-based keyword ads, via Google AdWords, and product search ads via Google Shopping or Product Listing Ads.

Amazon also displays a few types of ads on its platforms, such as text-based keyword ads, which are placed by Google and other third parties. However, the online retailer has not bought Google’s product ads.

The funniest part is that Amazon is actively developing its own ad program, but does not stop it from spending lots of money on Google’s search ads.

Shopping on Google

Google shopping ads is a completely different way of shopping. It includes videos, images, price, and additional information about any specific product. Due to this feature, sellers can easily search and compare different products before making their decision. Google Shopping displays more than 56% of keywords. Amazon also appears in the Google Shopping box with 31% keywords and has more than 16% of the Google Shopping ads found.

However, Google search does not solely provide paid listings and SERP Features.

The organic search results are considered to be a big source of traffic. Therefore if you appear on Google’s organic search results several times, your product will be presented to the users full of the package options.

What is a Reconsideration Request?

A Google Reconsideration Request is used for another manual review of a webpage that was punished by a manual penalty. If you want to lift a penalty, you should send a Reconsideration Request to Google. It can take nearly a week before Google will reply to your request. Once your request. Whether your reconsideration request will be accepted or declined, depends on your unique case. Therefore, try to show that you have implemented all the actions in order to prevent this kind of error in the future.

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