How To Find Best Fistula Doctor

Fistula has become such a common problem that a large number of people are suffering from this disease now. Fistula is a serious disease and immediate medical intervention is extremely important as it can cause several other medical conditions such as anal cancer, ulcerative colitis, tuberculosis and inflammatory bowel disease. There are thousands of doctors who treat fistula. But finding the best doctor is quite a tough task. But you need not to worry much about it, we will help you in finding the best doctor through this blog. 

What Is Fistula?

Fistula is a medical condition in which the blood vessels of the anal canal are inflamed, which results in an abnormal channel between the anal canal and the skin near the anus. Fistula is usually seen in the people who had abscess earlier. An anal abscess is a cavity, filled with pus, which is formed due to infection. Fistula develops when the drained abscess does not heal properly. Fistula can cause bleeding and discharge of pus. Fistula is a serious disease, it should not be left unattended or untreated once it develops. It can get severe with time and can lead to other serious complications. Timely and proper medical attention is extremely needed to cure fistula permanently. 


How To Find The Best Doctor For Fistula? 

Consulting a doctor is a must if you are suffering from fistula. Most doctors will refer you to a proctologist. A proctologist is an expert doctor with focus on diagnosing and treating diseases of the colon, rectum and anus. They are often referred for complex lower digestive tract issues or when surgery is needed to treat the patients. A proctologist suggests proper treatment after examining you. 


There are several doctors who treat fistula, but to find the best one, you should keep a few things in mind. These can help you decide if a particular proctologist is best for your treatment or not. Below mentioned are the few things that you should seek in a doctor to ensure that he/she is the best doctor for your fistula treatment. 

Board Certification

If you choose a doctor for your fistula, then the doctor should have the required credentials in surgery. You should also ensure that the doctor possesses the necessary board certification needed to perform surgery for fistula. It is also important for you to make sure that the facilities that the doctor offers are properly accredited as well.

Experience & Skill

A highly experienced doctor has a better understanding about where to make the cuts so that they are not easily visible after the surgical procedure is completed. Check the track record of the doctor to get a clear idea of the doctor's expertise. Try to speak to other patients, listen to their testimonials, go through the google and practo reviews as well. These will give you a clear picture of the experience and skills the doctor has. 

Your Comfort Level

Being comfortable with the doctor is as important as the treatment itself. It is extremely important for you to have a good relationship with the doctor, so that you will be able to discuss what exactly you are looking for. Below are a few questions that you can ask yourself to ensure if the doctor you are choosing for your fistula treatment is right for you or not. 

  • Is the hospital staff helpful and cooperative?  
  • Am I able to spend time with doctor and hospital staff?
  • Can I trust the doctor with the safety of the whole treatment procedure?
  • Do I feel awkward while sharing my medical history, habits and problems with the doctor?
  • Can I get the answers to the questions that I want to ask regarding my disease and treatment?


Behavior Of Doctor

The doctor should be caring, empathetic and compassionate. He/she should take your feelings and overall well being into consideration. Most importantly, whenever you feel skeptical about the fistula treatment, the doctor should be there to boost your confidence. In search of finding the best doctor for fistula, look for the following red flags to avoid permanent damages. 

  • Does he fail to deliver desired results?
  • Does the doctor lack sufficient experience?
  • Does the doctor answer your question properly? 
  • Does the doctor show you enough respect and courtesy? 
  • Does the doctor give proper knowledge of postoperative care?
  • Does the doctor offer you additional procedures that you do not need?
  • Does the doctor bargain with consultation fees or treatment expenses?
  • Does the doctor explain the risks and complications with surgical procedures?


Ask These Questions To Doctor

You might get blank during the first consultation, but following are the questions that you should ask your doctor whenever you visit him/her again. These are the questions that can help you in getting an overall idea of the above-mentioned skills that you should look for in a doctor.


  • What is your area of expertise?
  • Are you surgical equipment up to date?
  • Do you rely on a certified surgical facility?
  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • Will the procedure be performed in your office or at the hospital?
  • What are the numbers of the fistula surgeries that you have performed successfully?
  • What is the total expense of fistula treatment? Does it include hospitalization cost, anaesthesia fees and other additional cost?


If you follow the above-mentioned tips, finding the best doctor for fistula becomes very much easier. Pristyn Care has the country's top doctors whose experience and skills speak volumes. They provide the realistic expectations to the patients so that they are happy and satisfied with the results. Also, the success rate of laser surgery for fistula at Pristyn Care is 99% with just 1% chances of recurrence. They cure fistula with modern and advanced laser treatment. 

Unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits, intake of less water and consumption of alcohol and tobacco have increased the cases of fistula. Fistula should not be ignored or left untreated. It can potentially cause life-threatening diseases such as cancer. Contact a specialist immediately after you notice any symptoms of fistula. Laser surgery is the best treatment that can offer permanent relief from your painful and disturbing disease. To get the best doctor for fistula. you can contact Pristyn Care in your city. You can also book an appointment online with one of their best doctors now. 

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