Steam Keys- How to Buy the Keys And Refund Policies

PC games are one of the most preferred forms of gaming that all the available all over the world. People are used to playing games on PC and loves it the most due to the user experience and graphic representation they get on the PC. There are many platforms introduced one after the other like the console. Play stations, etc but PC games never lose their numbers among the audience.

Now day PC games are readily available in the market via DVD’s, but gamers prefer some online platforms like Steam for playing games. The benefits of using Steam is that the person doesn’t need to worry about the storage because it is a cloud-based system that consumes significantly less storage of your PC. The other reason is that the games available on Steam are cheaper than the developers sell them. You need to buy a key for a game and start playing it. There is also an option of steam refund available for people who do not like the game.

So let's hope in and learn how we can buy the keys from Steam and what are the refund policies that this platform offers?

How To Buy Steam Keys?

There are various options that are available for the buyers who are looking for buying the steam keys. You can either purchase the keys from the Steam platform itself or approach any other medium which sells keys. The purchasing process of the keys is straightforward. You first have to make an account on the Steam and select the game. There is an amount shown to you for accessing that game. You can quickly pay via your international debit and credit cards or through any other payments portal. Once the payment is successfully made, you will receive a code which is referred to as a key. Now you have to apply that key in the platform of Steam and activate it. Once activated, you can easily enjoy the game.

If you buy the keys from the platform of Steam itself, then there are fair chances that you can initiate a steam refund for the game key. But if you buy the key from some other website then there is nothing Steam platform will do to help you. 

How does the steam refund work?

Imagine you have bought a game accidentally, and now you don’t know how to play that game. or what is the game you purchased doesn’t match your expectations, how will you deal without? while buying a product the consumer feels that the product should match their expectations. And it is also the duty of the seller to provide the product as per the customer’s desire.

Don’t panic if you have purchased the game from the Steam. Steam refunds are really very easy and are customer friendly.

The conditions that may vary

the refund policy of the Steam is to help for its users. They only give two conditions that the user must full-fill after buying a product. Both of them are:-
  • The user who is unsatisfied by the product they have bought should process the refund within 14 days of the purchase made. [14 days policy]
  • The game that you want to return and initiate steam refund should not be used for more than 2 hours.

Suppose the user is unable to fulfil these two conditions then also they need not worry and can file the refund complaint. It is as per the policy of steam team that what they can do for you or how can they help you out with such refund.

The process to follow while filing a refund

Filing a refund complaint about the game you did not like is no rocket science. One can directly file a complaint by using a simple step by step process mentioned below:-
  • Step one requires to search for a steam website and look for the help section in it.
  • Once you have clicked on the help section, you need to log in to your steam account.
  • Once you login into the account you will get the list of various purchases you have made out of the Steam.
  • From all those given options, you need to find out the purchase that you have a complaint with.
  • Once you have got the purchase that you want to initiate the refund on click on it.
  • In case you did not find your purchase in the list of refunds means that the purchase you made is unfortunately not in the list of all those items that qualify the eligibility criteria of refund.
  • Next thing can be choosing the problem in your purchase that wants you to make a refund. You may get the following options.
  • I purchased this by accident, Gameplay or a technical issue.
  • After choosing your issue to go further and click on, I’d like to request a refund option.
  • Choose from the options where you will like to receive the amount.
  • The next thing is to fill up the request form and submit the details.
  • Check for the confirmation email sent to you and you are done with your work.

Getting a refund is 100 % sure if you have put the return request in the 14 days trial period, or if you have not used the product for more than 2 hours. Under this situation, a full refund will be initiated to your account in the next week.


The Steam has gained popularity in the past decade due to its cloud technology that everyone loves. Either you have a computer which doesn’t support high-end feature then also you can play games easily with the help of Steam. There are a various variety of games that you can access through Steam. All you need to do it buy the keys to the game and activate it for starting your gaming experience. If by any chance you do not like the game and want to get it replaced, then you do not need to take any tension. You have been covered by the policies of steam refund.

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