The lifestyle of a typical user of a dating website

Joining online dating for the first time is a big step in the life of every single (or unhappy) person. If you’re thinking about joining a dating website, but you don’t know if it will change your lifestyle - the information you’ll find in this article will help to clear things up. All information about time and activities was taken from the research made by uptoflirt community. We’ll describe to you a day of a typical dating site user. Her name is Mary.

Everyday activities of a typical dating website user

Mary is a regular girl. She’s 32, has no kids but has 1 ex-husband. Mary’s life wasn’t always easy, but she’s a strong lady who lands on her feet. After a divorce, she was sad at first, but soon she realized - it was the best thing that happened to her in a long time. After 7 years, she was single. For so long, being out of the game made her question her dating skills, but she decided to try online dating anyway. That is how her regular day look like now (after being active on dating sites for 11 months):

  • Mary wakes up early to get ready for work. She likes sleeping, so she skips coffee at home to sleep 15 minutes longer.
  • While showering and getting dressed, she thinks about things that have to be done today. Mostly work, but men she’s chatting with a run through her mind too. She still didn’t meet the (new) right one, so she’s chatting to different guys. She isn’t looking for a serious relationship at the moment, but if somebody sweeps her off her feet, she’ll stay with him.
  • Mary takes her work seriously, so while she’s in the office, her mobile phone is turned off, and she doesn’t visit any websites that aren’t related to her job. She works hard to get a promotion, so she’s very tired every day after work. That doesn’t stop her from going to the gym 3 times a week. She wants to look good and stay healthy.
  • If it’s a gym day, Mary stops for a cup of coffee and a light meal after work and then goes to the gym. While drinking coffee and enjoying a meal, she answers messages on the dating site. It takes around 30 minutes of her time, but she needs relaxation.
  • After the gym, or immediately after work if it’s not a gym day, Mary goes shopping for groceries and stuff she needs. Sometimes she skips that if she’s too excited to check the messages on the online dating site.
  • When she finally gets home, she turns on her laptop. Answers messages from men that find her attractive and checks out users she hasn't contacted yet. That’s the most exciting time of her day because she gets messages from new men every day. She sends messages to new men too. Sometimes she gets sucked into the world of online dating so badly that she forgets to do the dishes or clean here home. Sometimes she even forgets to eat. Still, Mary is a serious lady, so she grabs the snack before the bad and does her chores the next day.
  • When she decides to go to sleep, Mary quickly checks out the dating site one more time on her phone while in bed. Sometimes she stays online for hours like that because chatting is so exciting Sometimes, answers the messages and goes to sleep.
  • Over the weekend, Mary goes on dates with men she meets online and hangs out with her friends. Most of them use online dating too.

How much time dating takes?

As you could see from Mary’s example, online dating will consume as much time as you let it. Like anything that makes you excited, online dating will make you want more, but it doesn’t mean you’ll end up sacrificing your entire life to chat with singles and go on dates. You have to keep your habits under control if you want to sustain a successful lifestyle.

Of course, nobody is perfect; sometimes you’ll choose chatting, flirting & browsing profiles over some plans you had. That’s normal. Everybody would enjoy talking to attractive singles better than being stuck in traffic while driving to the grocery store. You may skip the gym or any other hobby you do to get more time for online dating. You’ll even put chores on a pause sometimes, the same as Mary does. But as long as you don’t let online dating (or anything else) control your life, you’ll be happy.

To make things extremely clear when it comes to online dating and time - online dating can take half an hour per day to 12 hours. It all depends on you as an individual. Your friends might be happy with 2 hours of chatting. You might meet somebody special, so you’ll want to chat 24/7. Online dating can change your lifestyle, but it can offer a lot in return. Make time in your day for dating, depending on your wishes and free time.

One thing is obvious - you shouldn’t let dating to control your life. Everything should be balanced, but since you’re a grown-up, we don’t have to tell you that. You can decide on your own; you know what you need. Online dating will consume your time, it’s a fact. You’ll have to sacrifice some habits to make time for dating.

On the other hand, you’ll get a chance to meet people, chat, and date almost effortlessly. Dating sites are getting very popular recently, so it looks like many people learned how to adapt their lifestyles. Now when you know what to expect from dating websites - it’s up to you to decide they will work for you.

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