Try These Apps for your Next Prank Call

When attempting your first prank call, it's usually best to give yourself adequate preparation time to develop great prank ideas. 

And while this mischievous act may seem relatively simple, it's often that prank callers fumble over their words or even reveal their personal details unintentionally by an exposed caller ID.

If coming up with creative ideas or pulling off a half-decent prank dial isn't your strength, then don't worry! 

Thanks to the technological advancements of smartphones today, you can download many apps that will do most of the work for you. 

Below are the very best prank calling apps of 2020. Let's start!


Going by how well the OwnagePranks youtube channel has performed over the years, it's no surprise their app is nothing less than exemplary! This app contains well over 100 prerecorded calls. Each includes a unique and hilarious prank scenario such as an irritated uber driver arriving too early or an elderly neighbor making a noise complaint. 

Automated prerecordings remove the inconvenience that prank calls typically present, saving you time thinking of new prank ideas or trying a foreign accent to fool your friends convincingly. 

To do a prank call, browse through their vast selection, choose a prank script, and pick your contact number and call. It's that simple! Afterward, you can listen in the background and laugh at your friend's reactions. Calls are also recorded so you can listen again immediately after. 

For added realism, the app features a speech recognition AI that can analyze conversations in real-time, so prank calls flow naturally and as humanlike as possible, making it a far superior choice to soundboards online. 

Added features 

  • Receive one free credit per day to make a call
  • New prank scripts are added weekly, so you'll never run out of prank material
  • User Caller IDs are not used, ensuring you are anonymous every time
  • Various voice actors for scripts available

Best Voice Changer

Although the name certainly isn't what you'd describe as modest, there's no denying that this app is indeed among the very best of its generation when it comes to voice changing apps.

Much like its title implies, this app can transform your voice completely from a wide array of sound effects offered, which can be played during a phone call. If you have a distinct voice and want to stay anonymous at all costs, a voice changing app is a fantastic and cost-effective way of doing so. 

So what voice options are available? Best Voice Changer offers Chipmunk, Robot, Child, Faster, Slower, and many more. Further sound adjustments can be made to your existing sound effect, including an echo, and background sound effects like a library and airport are also available. 

To make sound alterations, make a prerecording initially by recording yourself on your smartphone.

Added Features 

  • User-Friendly app
  • Quickly swipe to change voices
  • Instant Play of altered voice
  • Save or send recordings as WAV files

Fake Call and SMS 

If you've become known as a notorious prank caller within your social group, it may be time to switch things up to fool your friends continually. Fake Call and SMS is an excellent alternative to the prank call, as this unconventional prank app lets you receive fake incoming calls and text messages to fool others.

These entertaining call simulators can help you escape some boring and awkward situations at practically any time, making it not just hilarious but extremely productive in everyday life. 

Let's say you're in a work meeting, or social occasion that's turned out to be a giant bore, Fake Call and SMS allows you to excuse yourself in the most realistic way possible. To do so, schedule an incoming call, answer and pretend you're needed elsewhere. Since receiving a call or text message isn't associated with making a prank call, you'll be believed almost every time. 

Fake Call and SMS are exceptionally user-friendly, enabling people of all ages to make exciting and unpredictable incoming prank calls. Before you make a call, designate your fake caller, a name, and contact number of your choice. Giving your simulated contact an identity will provide the prank authenticity, tricking even your closest friends and colleagues.

Added features 

  • Adjust text message contents to fool others
  • Schedule calls now or later in the day
  • Customize inbox, draft box, and error mailbox

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