8 Tips for Boosting Internet Speed

If you are a heavy internet user, you may have an idea of how important it is to have speed. In today’s fast-paced world, we all are connected to the internet and can’t afford any type of delays. Especially when it comes to streaming, gaming, surfing, or downloading we all need uninterrupted and unstoppable internet. 

The majority of the time when we settle on our couch and start streaming our favorite movie, the internet speed goes down and the endless curse of buffering hovers us. None of us can bear the annoying big round icon appearing often. Similarly, when gaming with friends, you might face the lag and you might end up losing the game. 

The problem can arise at any point in time without letting us know. But few fixes can help you boost your internet speed. In this article, we are going to reveal some of the best tips to boost your internet speed. Make sure to stick to the last to get the most out of it. Let’s get started. 

Check Your Internet Speed 

The first thing you need to do is to check your internet speed. Sometimes the problem is with your device settings rather than any technical issue from the service provider. You can test internet speed through online speed test tools. Once you run the speed test, you will come to know the download speed and upload speed. If download speed is slower than the advertised one, contact customer support immediately, and address the issue. 

Upgrade Your Plan 

If you are a heavy internet user, you might need to look into a better and upgraded plan. For instance, if everyone in your home is a 4K streamer or a hardcore gamer, a 30Mbps plan might not be suitable to handle that amount of load. 

You can find plenty of internet service providers in your area. Search for the service providers in your area by entering zip code. And if available, try checking out Spectrum bundles offering speed up to 940Mbps. 

When upgrading your plan, make sure to analyze your needs and figure out what would be required. For normal browsing, checking emails, and watching YouTube videos, a low-speed internet plan would work fine. However, if internet usage is heavy, don’t settle less than 50Mbps. 

Try out Different Modem/Wi-Fi Router

Most internet users haven’t upgraded their routers or modems for ages. With the advancement in the internet and technology, it is important to have a router compatible with it. If you are having an old router, you will often face connection dropouts. Even after calling your service provider, the problem isn’t resolved. 

It is better to invest in a router that meets your internet usage. For instance, if you are a hardcore gamer, you might need to invest in a top-notch router as compared to the router used for normal browsing. By replacing your modem/router, you will see improvement in speed and a reduction in connection dropout. 

Update Firmware 

The modem or router installed has its firmware. At times the updates are rolled out which should be installed immediately. Simply log in to the control panel of your router and look for the update firmware option in the settings. If you don’t know how to update firmware, just Google it or try finding out on YouTube. 


Disconnect Other Devices 

Multiple devices are connected to the same network simultaneously. If you are watching 4K videos or playing games online, you might face a slower internet connection. Sometimes you may even face buffering or lag issues. It is better to disconnect other devices that are connected to the network. 

In case you are having smart home devices, disconnect them for a limited time, and do whatever you want to. Moreover, make sure that the device connected to the network isn’t running any other applications in the background. For instance, if you are using a torrent client to download your favorite TV series, stop it immediately. Check for other devices that are connected to the network but in the idle state. Disconnect them from the network as well to experience high-speed internet. 

Check for Speed Throttling  

Sometimes when you run out of data, your service provider intentionally slows down the speed. Moreover, if you are using high bandwidth traffic such as watching seasons on Netflix, the ISP will throttle the speed to reduce the consumption of bandwidth. To avoid speed throttling issues, make sure to check for ISP offering unlimited data cap and bandwidth on its plan.

If you are tight on budget, you can also use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to avoid throttling. The reason is that the VPN makes it difficult for a service provider to monitor your activities. After turning on the VPN if the speed suddenly shoots up, then it means you are being throttled.  

Reset Your Modem/Router 

Once a while make sure to reset your modem/router. If you are facing frequent disconnection or slow speed internet than normal, resetting your router will address the issue often. Also, check the wires are plugged in correctly and tightly. If you have worn out or cracked cables, make sure to replace them immediately. 

Change the Location of Your Router 

If you are living in a big house there might be some places where Wi-Fi signals are weak. There is nothing to worry about because changing the location of your router will fix the problem. Normally central location such as the living room is the best place to fix your router. 

In case changing the location of your router does not fix the issue, you can buy a Wi-Fi extender. The Wi-Fi range extender won’t cost you more than $50. Some of the best range extenders include TP-Link RE220, D-Link DAP-1620, Netgear WiFi Range Extender EX3700, Linksys RE6350, TP-Link RE300, and Netgear Nighthawk X6 EX7700. 

Summing Up

In this short post, we have discussed some of the ways to resolve speed issues. All of these tips are listed to help you fix the issue without getting into technicalities. However, if the issue isn’t resolved by following the aforementioned tips, try contacting service provider customer support to address it. 


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