What You Need to Know to Get Into Top Business and Law Grad Schools

It doesn’t matter whether you want to become a lawyer or get a top position in an investment bank, it will not be superfluous to get a degree from a top-rated school. Its diploma can become your successful lottery ticket that opens a huge number of doors in various fields. You will climb a career ladder much faster, and it means that you will start living a life you dream about pretty soon after graduation. When you are young and smart, it would be insane to lose such a chance. If you don’t know where to begin with and how to successfully manage the application process at the top-rated business and law schools, let’s get to the bottom.

Find a top school

Before you proceed to read about the whole process of getting into top schools, it is worth finding out what they represent themselves. Nowadays, there are about 267 business and law schools in the USA, but only 205 of them have been approved by the American Bar Association. And it means that even though the rest schools provide students with a chance to become a specialist in the chosen area, they are not credible and cannot be included in the list of top-rated schools. Thus, you should opt for one that takes one of the first ten places in the rank mentioned on Forbes, for example. Well, anyway, everyone knows that Harvard University, as well as Yale University, will take leading positions in any rating. These educational institutions help students gain sound knowledge in the chosen areas and become demanded specialists after graduation. Each school will possess some special entry criteria, but there are some general moments and patterns you should adhere to.

Choose an appropriate undergraduate degree

You might have guessed that it would be a challenge to get a place in a top school since they choose the ace-high applicants who have already had training in crucial academic skills. You should have developed critical thinking, excellent writing skills when you don’t need to ask anyone to write my essay for me cheap, and developed soft skills. You will show your strong sides on the LSAT and a well-articulated essay that will become a part of your application. Thus, you should get an appropriate undergraduate degree and gain sound knowledge that will help you get the desired place at a top business and law school and survive there.

Have top grades

Studying in college, you should create a solid foundation for your application to the chosen top school. You will have many rivals who will not want to give their place up to you. Thus, you shouldn’t provide them with a chance to get your place just because your grades are not enough. You should demonstrate outstanding results, for example, your GPA should be of 3.76 and LSAT of 171 and higher to have a chance to study at a top school. Well, nobody said that it would be easy. Even though it is not the only factor that will decide your fate, it can tip the scale.

Stand out from the rest

Top schools admit various students, so if there is something that helps you stand out from the rest, for example, some kind of experience or a life story, share it. Actually, you can outline it in your motivation letter, just don’t be too shy and get creative within reasonable limits. Both business and law are broad fields that can be somehow connected with any area. Just don’t list your professional achievements since you have already pointed out all these moments in your CV. If you worked as a volunteer or were a leading athlete in your college team, you can write your story.

Discuss your career goals

If you decide to apply to one of the top schools, it is clear that the school’s reputation is of crucial importance here. And if you write it straight like that, it will hardly help you stand out from the crowd. It is worth coming up with such statements that will show them that you and the chosen school are a perfect match. Maybe you are incredibly interested in a specific course the school can provide you with. Maybe its atmosphere and culture appeal to you. You should specify some interesting reason why you want to study at the school besides the fact that it is cool enough for you. Besides, it would be a good bonus to discuss your career goals and how the school may help you achieve the desired result.

Gain professional experience in advance

You may skip this step since schools don’t force you to gain experience in the relevant area, but it can become an additional bonus that may tip the scale. Besides, you will be sure that you have chosen the right career path since education in these fields costs a pretty penny and takes away all your free time. And one should remember that a successful internship is a wonderful opportunity to gain recommendation letters that make a difference for some business and law schools. The admission department will treat you much seriously and be sure that you can keep up with the curriculum. All these things will help you get ready for the interview with the authoritative representatives of the chosen school. Still, it will not be superfluous to brainstorm potential questions and reflect on your answers.  

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