How to Change Digital Odometer Reading on All Cars?

It’s become extremely easy to change digital odometer reading. All you have to do is purchase a specific tool and you’ll be able to dial in the desired mileage, right? Even though the whole process is quite simple, the consequences are too serious to neglect. Using odometer adjustment tools is unethical, especially if you’re employing them to get more profit from selling used cars. It’s always better to spend money on something more useful and ethical. sells the mileage blocker which is designed for testing. Let’s dig deeper and figure out how to change digital odometer reading!

Is mileage blocker an alternative to the odometer correction tools?

In a sense, it is. As mentioned, sells the mileage blocker that was designed for testing the performance of your vehicle. It’s software that stops recording mileage in all control units, which means its performance is untraceable.

An odometer programmer, on the other hand, is a device that can reverse or reset the miles on the trip meter. It’s an unethical unit that is usually used for fraudulent purposes.

Even though a mileage blocker shouldn’t be used on the open road, we can’t deny the fact that it’s a superior alternative to the odometer correction tools. It doesn’t serve the same purpose, yet its capabilities are impressive.

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of its features and utilize them to prevent mileage from increasing.

Why do people use the mileage stopper instead of the odometer changer?

The answer is simple – the mileage stopper from is a premium tool. It’s way more straightforward compared to the odometer changer, and its advantages are more prominent as well. It’s more ethical as it doesn’t roll back the existing mileage and is only meant for testing purposes.

An odometer blocker is more effective

Moreover, an odometer blocker from is more effective in terms of performance. As I have already mentioned, it stops recording mileage in all control units. This means that its effects are virtually untraceable even with diagnostic testers and professional equipment. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be used on public roads.

Conversely, the odometer correction tool can change mileage on the trip meter only. Digital odometers record mileage information in the control units as well. This means that rollback can easily be detected with diagnostic computers. A professional might notice discrepancies during a check-up as well. In other words, using an odometer changer becomes counter-intuitive as its easily detectable.

A kilometer stopper is safe for your car

Another reason why people prefer to use the kilometer stopper from is the fact that it’s completely safe for your car. It comes with a plug-and-play module, which means you can connect it directly to your vehicle with an original plug. Plus, it’s tailored to the model and make of your car.


As you can see, altering digital odometer reading isn’t difficult these days. Yet simplicity doesn’t change the fact that this activity is unethical and could essentially be illegal. That’s why it’s better to choose the mileage blocker over odometer adjustment tools. Just remember to use it for testing.

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