Top‌ ‌Creative‌ ‌Writing‌ ‌Trends‌ ‌in‌ ‌2021

Due to Pandemic businesses have to move online. It means the competition is tougher than ever. The solution? Your content should be 10X better than the content of your competitors. 

How do you create a better content? What makes your content stand out in 2021? That’s the reason why our team in cooperation with an academic essay writing company has compiled this list of top creative writing trends in 2021. 


Hopefully, these tips will help you get better results and improve your writing. 

Create Content That Helps Your Brand Stand Out

Building a strong brand is the first trend that we’d like to point out. This is a cornerstone for online success for any business in any industry. How do you build a strong brand? Well, that’s where your content should be your best friend. Writing articles, blog posts, press releases, posts for social media, and publishing them online helps you build a brand. 


You just need to be consistent and attentive when it comes to the voice and tone of your content. It’s highly recommended you should create your brand guidelines before you start writing, publishing your content online, and scaling the whole thing. 

Put Your Audience First, Profits Second 

This saying is far beyond just being ethical with your audience. You should really love what you are doing and genuinely care about the needs of your target audience. And of course, you should engrain your empathy in your content. 


Take your time to identify the real pain points of your target audience. Every marketer out there knows how important creating a buyer persona is. Spending 2 hours hypothetically filling out the table from HubSpot won’t cut. Ideally, you should jump on the calls with dozens of real people that represent your target audience, ask them the right questions, and take notes. 


If you do this in the right way, all your future content is likely to resonate with your target audience and get you not only likes and shares but leads and sales too.


Write for People, Not Search Engines 

This one is huge. We don’t mean you should optimize your blogs or online content for SEO. You should. However, do it in the right way without focusing too much on how many keywords you should use in 1 piece of content. 


Write for people first. This is the main thing that you should care about. Once you finish your blog or article and it is full of helpful tips for your target audience you can sprinkle a few keywords here and there in your content. Just make sure your writing doesn’t sound robotic because of those keywords. At the end of the day, you are creating content for people, not search engines. 

Your Writing Should be Matchless, Neat, and Simple 

This is quite obvious. However, many people and even professional bloggers can miss this point. Before you publish every single piece of writing on your website or social media make sure it’s matchless and has no errors. We highly recommend you team up with a professional editor or proofreader that can check all your posts before you publish them. 


This is the easiest way to make all your content error-free, neat, and easy to read. Of course, you can also use different spell checkers, apps, and tools like Hemingway app, etc. They may come in handy as well. Improving the readability of your content can make a big difference as well. So don’t ignore this aspect. 

Be Honest and Authentic in Your Writing 

If your blog is all about creating product reviews, write honest and unbiased reviews that will help people make the right choice. Don’t write reviews just to sell stuff to people. This strategy won’t bring you any good results and fall short very quickly. People will feel that and stop following your blog. So it can even hurt your brand. 


Instead, take advantage of your talent and writing skills. Don’t be afraid to voice your own insights or experience backing it up with arguments. If the product is crap, tell that. No need to sugarcoat it. People love that. They love when they can read honest reviews where they can read all the truth about the product they are considering. 


Being authentic in your content is another key point you need to take into account. And we don’t mean mere plagiarism here. It’s obvious that your content should be unique. Copy-pasting content from other blogs or sites won’t cut. If to take it one step further, you should deliver content in your own authentic voice that makes you different from other similar blogs on the web. That’s why sharing your own unique experience is highly important. 

Your Content Should Be Evergreen 

Finally, the trends are good. However, chasing them is not the thing you should be doing. Definitely, you should do your best to follow all the previous steps that we’ve outlined in this blog for you. What we mean here is that trends can change from year to year. However, if you create evergreen content around the pain points of your target audience, it will always work to your advantage. 


Coming up with evergreen content topic ideas is not that easy. However, if you give it a shot and take your time searching for them using different tools like BuzzSumo or Answerthepublic, you’ll definitely come up with a bunch of good evergreen content topic ideas. 

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