Why Are CBSE Schools The Right Choice For Your Child?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has fast become a highly sought-after board of education in recent years and with good reason. Apart from being the national board of the country, its syllabus is similar to examinations such as the IIT, AIEEE making the entire ordeal much less stressful for its students. 

Already known as the educational hub of the country, Ahmedabad consists of a large number of schools. There are multiple options for CBSE schools in Ahmedabad,  with more and more parents preferring this curriculum for their children. Here are a few reasons why the CBSE board can be the right choice for your child -  

Culture of CBSE Schools

Good teachers make for great mentors which leads to great lessons. The teachers are all adept in their own respective fields, which makes them a vital part of the education system. Along with its trained and respectable faculty, the CBSE board system of learning involves not only academics but also a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities like sports, games, music, dance, martial arts, and debates. It focuses on the all-round development of students and aims for a stress-free, developmental atmosphere of learning and growing, which easily makes for values that one would look for CBSE schools in Ahmedabad.


The purpose of the best schools in Ahmedabad is to make learning fun and enjoyable. Some schools, such as the Global Indian International School (GIIS) make it mandatory for their students to participate in at least one extra-curricular and co-curricular activity so that students don’t feel academic pressure. 

As for the academic half of the curriculum, the faculty instruct theory with the help of practical methods to keep learning interesting. This enables the students to understand better and apply these methods in real-life situations. With interactive learning methods and a platform that encourages curiosity, the quality of learning is at par with global standards. 


Along with an amazing learning curriculum and staff, CBSE schools also offer numerous scholarship opportunities to their students such as the 9 Gems Holistic Development Scholarship, the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship, Global Future-Ready Merit Scholarship, Global Citizen Scholarship, etc. 

All these scholarships are merit or skill-based and handed to deserving students. They are a means for a lot of families to allow their children to pursue an education based on excellence. 

Schools like GIIS, considered to be the best school in Ahmedabad ensure that their pupils get a balanced intake of academics, sports, and extracurriculars which in turn prepare them for challenging competitive exams, and become radical and creative thinkers who are ready to go out into the world. To conclude, CBSE schools are among the best for children to pursue their education and be future-ready.

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