7 Tips To Improve Engagement With Your Nonprofit's Supporters

Improving engagement is an important step toward meeting fundraising goals. From nonprofit data management best practices to tactics for making the most of a Salesforce Classy integration, these seven tips can help nonprofit stakeholders forge stronger connections with current supporters and increase the size of a constituent base.

Implement Matching Gifts Into Your Fundraising Strategy

If a fundraising strategy does not account for matching gifts, a nonprofit could be missing out on up to 50% of its potential funding. It is worthwhile to identify donors who work for companies with incentives for making donations. Run queries to identify other supporters who may also be eligible for gift matching.

Develop Relationships With Donors

Engagement with a cause emerges out of a sense of connection. Whether an organization maintains an active online presence to communicate with supporters or uses conventional fundraising methods such as phone calls and mail, it is important to consider the interests and preferences of donors as you cultivate relationships over time.

Increase Your Social Media Presence

Not-for-profit organizations that are seeking to increase visibility and connections with constituents should make use of social media channels. Researching which networks have the most constituents that are active members can be worthwhile for targeting information and giving asks to perform well on these platforms.

Make the Most of Email Marketing

Optimizing the email marketing methods of a nonprofit to increase engagement starts with giving supporters the ability to opt-in to receive the types of messages in which they are interested. Email marketing toolkits can also enable nonprofit staff to monitor open rates and click maps to maximize the efficacy of this content-driven approach to engagement. A Raiser’s Edge import guide is helpful for identifying the best way to transfer information between email marketing platforms and this CRM.

Build Relationships During Events

Events are another essential part of a complete constituent engagement strategy. In-person and virtual events both have the ability to provide nonprofits with supporter names and contact information. In addition to cultivating leads, these occasions are also opportunities to show appreciation for current donors.

Plug Into Constituent Networks

Gaining insight into how supporters know each other is a worthwhile goal for nonprofits. From supporters who share employers, some of which may have matching gift programs, to other similarities, your current constituents can point you in the right direction for growth. Social media follower lists and affiliation details noted in contact records are a good way to branch out into supporter networks.

Remember To Stay In Touch

Engaging with donors is an ongoing process for nonprofit organizations. When a supporter makes a gift, it is important to acknowledge their gift. Customizing future communications to refer back to this gift can be helpful, as is the use of donation data to schedule future giving requests and asking amounts.

Nonprofit staff and stakeholders should prioritize engagement. This form of outreach is critical for keeping supporters informed and making giving asks during fundraising campaigns. Organizations that have the best approach to nonprofit data management obtain data through engagement that is useful for growing constituencies.

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