Cheap Essay Writing: Is It Myth or Reality?

There is a lot of discussion around cheap essay writing among students nowadays. The reason is obvious. Everybody is sick and tired of such a huge amount of assignments and essays that tutors give regularly. If you are a student, you feel this. You know how challenging and stressful it can be to complete one essay after another, one paper after another, one college custom assignment after another. 

No surprise you can start feeling like an academic writing robot that should type and type and write and write all those tedious papers all the time. Urgent deadlines make the whole thing even worse. You need to do your essays fast and in a good way. The stress goes up like crazy. That’s where you start thinking of finding some professional help to deal with it, right?  

If you want to save and get affordable writing services, you may want to search for a cheap essay writing service. However, not all cheap essays are the same. What do we mean? 

The quality may differ depending on the website where you may want to order them. You need to understand this very well before you even pay an affordable essay writing service to write a dissertation, a term paper, or a simple essay for you. 


In this blog post, we’d like to talk about cheap essay writing in detail and clarify some vital points around it. 

5 Myths About Cheap Essay Writing Services That Aren’t True  

Are you ready to find out what myth about cheap essay writing services may hold you back? Without any further ado, let’s enumerate them one by one here. 

  • The cheapest helper is the best. This is totally wrong. On the contrary, the cheapest services may often compromise on the quality of assistance that they offer to you as a client. That’s why it’s always smart to ask yourself a question “What kind of quality am I going to get if I buy my essay here?” or “How do I actually know they are going to write a decent paper for me if I purchase it on the website?” Look for proof of the high quality they deliver. 
  • All testimonials that you find on the sites that offer cheap essay services are legit and real. No. Be aware of fake testimonials especially if you are browsing cheap essay sites that claim they have top writers in the industry at super affordable prices. Just think “Will a professional writer work for this amount of money?” Of course, not. All top rated writers with solid experience charge a good fee for their help. And that’s normal. So it’s impossible to hire professional authors online for pennies. Most importantly, you should always check the testimonials of these services on third-party sites like TrustPilot, etc. Don’t jump into spending money on their assistance without doing diligent research on them. 
  • It’s ok to buy essays on sale since they are very cheap. No. Avoid such kinds of deals altogether. Even if you buy such an essay and let’s assume that you are lucky enough to get the one free from plagiarism, it’s still going to be a bad investment. Why? That’s because this paper is 100% irrelevant to your essay topic. It means if the tutors notice this (and most probably they will), you’ll be in trouble. And you’ll need to do your essay from scratch once again. 
  • Native speakers are the best writers for your essays. Not true. Not necessarily native US or UK writers are the best choice for your paper. Not always. If a native speaker has insufficient knowledge of the subject matter, your paper is doomed to fail. And on the contrary, if a non native speaker is well-versed in the subject that you need to highlight in your paper, it’s going to be a great choice for you to team up with this writer. All you need in your essay is to show your expertise on the matter, back it up with relevant arguments, and make sure the wording is clear and up to the point. So you can opt for non native speakers for your paid essays since they are true experts in the field. And you can always order editing once you get a paper from them. This will eliminate the possibility of any grammar errors, typos, etc. slipping into your paper. 
  • All cheap essay services are dead serious about your privacy. No. That’s not true. You should be very selective when it comes to choosing private and 100% confidential cheap paper services on the web. The first thing to look for in this regard is a complete confidentiality guarantee. 

Hopefully, now you know more about these services and what points to pay your attention to. Need more tips? Check this great cheap essay writing service resource. 

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