Look Out for Tennessee Bear Season

Bear hunting is the process of hunting bears for different varieties of reasons. Hunting bears is not a new thing as the act's history originated from Europe and America back in the olden days. One can hunt them for food and other purposes and commercial reasons where the sale can generate income.

Bears are difficult to hunt since you try to capture them in their habitat, which can be a thick and dense forest. When hunted constantly, they revert to being nocturnal animals.


Hunting Bears in Tennessee


Before you hunt bears, you have to plan a pre-hunt to hunt them down with juicy rewards successfully. You have to arrange for help in handling a harvested bear and make adequate plans to make sure the meat processing is easy. There is a massive presence of fat in bears and a very thick coated skin for insulation. Transporting dead bears will require assistance as it is challenging, and the meat and hide are likely to damage quickly if the temperature is above freezing point. You also have to know how capable you can be when you come in contact with a bear. You should understand your proficiency with your arms well so you would minimize the level of damage. It is better and advisable to be professional and ethical in the process, making a clean kill to avoid incorrect shot placement. It is likely to cause unnecessary wounding and inability to retrieve the bear.


Methods that a hunter can use to hunt bears

  • Using hounds and dogs can be used to capture them.
  • Imitating the sound of their potential prey to lure them to a trap.
  • Stalking them till they lead you to a disadvantaged area for them.
  • Waiting for them near an artificial or natural source of food to capture them successfully.


Tips to ensure accuracy in shot placement


Bears are different from other huge animals, and they have a very tight chest in their system. A wounded bear can sprint for long distances if you fail to hit the target accurately. The presence of heavy bones, hides, and the far layers on their skins will influence preventing quick-clotting blood from dripping, and this won't let a trail be visible, and tracking them would be hard. Ensure not to shoot a bear in the head as the skull is very dense. Do not give a frontal shot because the penetration of the vital organs would be shallow. Don't attempt a shot that you are not sure about; you can also check the best hunting scope under 500 to be more familiar, as a shot that won't hit a delicate spot will most likely lead to complications. 


Why Hunt Bears?

  • They are high and rich in nourishment.
  • They possess a threat to livestock if within their reach.
  • To prevent them from killing people and destroying field crops.
  • They are a source of generating very high revenue.



Hunting bears is not an illegal thing to do. It helps reduce the threat and menace they are liable to cause. It also creates an opportunity to get items necessary for human consumption. Also want to know how to hunt bears in some other places, huntingradar.com is a perfect start.

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