Online dating as the lifestyle

Since the first commercial dating site was launched in 1995, this method for singles to touch base with potential partners has exploded in popularity. Nowadays there are thousands of websites, catering to a diverse range of tastes, with some of the longer-standing outlets commanding worldwide memberships running into the millions. People gravitate to these services because they represent such a convenient way of reaching out to other members, and all from the comfort of home. The past year has seen the entire planet reeling from the effects of the pandemic that has compelled many traditional socializing outlets – nightclubs, singles bars, and sporting arenas – to close. This has inspired even more singles to switch their attention to the virtual environment.


Just imagine yourself as a common user of a USA dating site – and there are many to choose from, depending on the type of relationship you are seeking, and whether you are looking for generic or more nuanced relationships. Here we provide some of the reasons why more and more individuals are signing up for these websites.


Why should online dating invade your life? 

If you’ve previously attempted to connect with other singles by relying on those aforementioned offline venues, who you could interact with was solely dependant on whoever happened to be sharing the same location as you. When you register with a dating site, you’ll instantly gain access to a practically limitless array of talent. The increasing demand for these outlets has meant there are so many to choose from.

Before completing the application procedure with a particular dating service, it might be worthwhile getting an overview of what certain sites will provide in terms of features and messaging channels. A lot of these resources offer free membership in the first instance, giving newcomers the option of spending some time becoming familiar with functionality, and user-friendliness. You can examine the quality of the personal profiles that have already been uploaded, to see how comprehensive these are, and whether or not any of the members happen to cause your pulse to quicken.

When you do complete the application process and join, the information you provide can be fed into in-built algorithms, allowing your details to be compared to existing site users to see where there are areas of overlap. If you have similar interests, or hail from nearby locations, those matching you most closely might well be provided to you in a shortlist, saving you a lot of time. 

How much time does it take for the average site user to connect? 

This question is like pondering the age-old adage about how long is a piece of string?! Because online dating is dependent on the aspirations and motivations of individuals, each with their agenda and reason for joining a dating venture, there is no definitive answer. For some, the whole point of accessing one of these services is because they are eager to connect with someone compatible as quickly as possible. Some modern websites now provide ‘dating shortcuts’ to expedite the business of forming a romantic attachment. Where site users would once have spent time exchanging intimate messages via a secure communication channel, nowadays they might be presented with a succession of profile images to which they simply have to ‘swipe’ (flick their finger on the control pad of the computer or smart device screen) either left or right, depending on whether or not they find another site user attractive. If your swipes correspond with another user’s, this is a shorthand method of proving there’s an attraction there. With the ice suitably broken, you can begin your courtship with someone who has already professed some interest in getting to know you better. Sites provide other informal communication techniques, such as an ability to send a ‘wink’ to another member, or to ‘like’ their profile.

Possible negative and positive consequences you can face while dating online 

We have underscored many of the positive consequences of online dating, but this needs to be balanced with the negative experiences of a minority of singles. It can be easy enough to create a fake email address, which can then be verified by a website’s admin team, allowing someone to initiate a fake profile, for mischief, or phishing for personal details. But if you suspect someone isn’t genuine, just block or report them.

We have outlined some of the factors that have determined that online dating has become one of the most popular leisure-time activities of the modern age. As with any subject involving human nature, there will always be pros and cons, with a minority of those drawn to dating sites doing so for anti-social reasons rather than positive aspirations. But for the most part, the singles you will encounter in the virtual dimension will be just like you, seeking prospective partners as conveniently as possible.

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