A Guide on Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Health care is most needed when a person attains the age of sixty or above. Medical expenses and treatments become a norm. IRDAI has now made it a regulation for every health insurance company to offer senior citizen health insurance up to the age of sixty-five. Many insurance companies even go beyond it and offer coverage for a lifetime. There are plenty of top health insurance companies in the Indian market that cater to the medical needs of senior citizens. However, the challenge lies in choosing the right insurance plan. Here is a brief guide on senior citizen health insurance to help you in the process.

Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing A Senior Citizen Health Insurance


The most crucial aspect of zeroing down on a medical policy for elders is its features. This is the age when a person is vulnerable to hordes of medical conditions. If you are looking for health insurance for your parents, keep the following things in mind.


Inclusion of Day-Care Treatments

Generally, health insurance companies do not include daycare treatments in their policies. Additionally, even for claiming policy cover, hospitalization for 24 hours is mandatory. But due to medical advancements, many health care procedures such as chemotherapy, dialysis, etc., can be done in a few hours or do not even require hospitalization. Therefore, choose a health insurance provider that covers most daycare treatments in its plan.


Cashless Treatment

Cashless treatment is available with almost all insurance providers at their extensive network of hospitals. Make sure that your provider has its association with major and minor hospitals near you. At old age, medical emergencies can happen at any time that makes it essential to get medical attention at the earliest. With cashless hospitalization, you will be able to get your elders treated hassle-free without any time wastage.


Check Claim Settlement Ratio

When it comes to selecting health insurance for seniors, the most significant factor is the claim settlement ratio. Many insurance companies pay heed to the claim settlement ratio as it reflects their credibility and work ethics. However, it is vital to make sure that the ratio is high, and the time taken to settle is less. This signifies the robustness of the settlement process and the satisfaction of the customers.


Inclusions and Exclusions

When you take health insurance at a young age, comprehensive coverage of ailments is available. However, for senior citizens, insurance companies specify the exclusions and inclusions in the policy. Most exclusions are the same as in any other policy, but the point of concern is pre-existing diseases. Many health insurance providers do not offer coverage for such ailments. Therefore, choose a plan that covers as many ailments as possible.


Free Annual Medical Check-Ups

There are insurance providers that offer free medical checkups annually for free. However, this facility is available after specific years have already been completed. Make sure that this clause is present in your health insurance. Another thing to keep in mind is that the premium does not escalate because of this feature. Hence, there is no change in the terms or conditions during renewal due to medical checkups.



Senior citizen health insurance is a significant domain that does not get the attention it deserves. Our elders or parents are the ones in actual need of such facilities. Keep in mind these things and select a policy best suited to your needs.

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