4 Window Replacement Myths You Should Stop Believing

A window replacement seems to be a common experience; one would expect that everybody handles trustful information about it.
But, it is not that way.
You may get surprised about how much false information or half-truths exist about this theme. Indeed, many people talk about this as they were experts when they never replaced a window.
Therefore, we’re going to debunk 4 windows replacement myths you should stop believing.

Myth #1: Replacing windows in the winter is a bad idea.
Do you live in an area where the climate gets particularly cold during winter? Working under extreme weather conditions does not sound good. Therefore, it may be a better idea to schedule a window replacement during the offseason. Besides, it may help the project ending faster.
However, good window installation companies know how to tackle the challenges that every season poses. Think about it, how would window companies stay in business if they stopped working for three months? You only have to hire an experienced professional installer, and your renovation project will perform successfully.

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Myth #2: All decent windows are pretty much the same; the rest of it is just sales talk.
Many good-quality windows may look the same. But, some hard-to-spot differences in the design of the available windows models may represent significant
performance changes. For example, we can mention these scenarios:
  • Do your windows have moisture sills rotted? The cause is air filtration. It will increase your energy bills. Besides, there will be uncomfortable currents of air and mold inside your home. By installing windows with a low Air Leakage (AL) rating – 0.30 or less for an Energy Star certification - you will avoid these issues.
  • Does your home feel hot during summer and very cold in the winter? The reasons are your windows. Specialized heat mirror windows that reflect UV light and solar heat might be the solution.
Thus, finding the right windows for your home may depend on these differences.

Myth #3: A new window won’t change your home’s energy efficiency
You may have new windows, but if your door is drafty, you’ll lose the money your windows save you. Together with home insulation and using home improvement products, windows are a key factor in energy costs.
According to EnergyStar.gov, the average home with energy-efficient windows in Washington, D.C. saved around $500 per year on heating and cooling costs. This figure demonstrates the importance of having high-quality windows installed.
However, the economy is not the only reason to install energy-efficient windows. Over the years, homeowners have understood the importance of preserving the environment. In this sense, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by energy-efficient windows after just three months is equivalent to planting 29 trees!

Myth #4: DIY window replacement is a good way to save money.
Are you an experienced construction professional? So, you feel able to install your windows. Nevertheless, we do not recommend you to do it.

In this regard, Matthew Mack, Window Manager at Kreunen Windows® explains:

“If you watch a few window installation videos, a professional can make it look easy,” “But in reality, not every house is the same. Only a professional can navigate the ins and outs of the home’s structure and style.”
Not only are replacement windows hard to find. Most DIY window installers don’t know how to insulate their homes properly!
You will require specialized tools to install the aluminum siding component required by most window installs. Hence, while it’s technically possible to install your windows, the process will undeniably be difficult, and the final installation will likely be sub-par.
Bottom line: we do not recommend you try to install your windows by yourself.

Window replacement with Kreunen Windows
Are you ready to replace your windows with efficient alternatives?

Memphis roofing companies never uses materials that will rot, rust, or attract pests. We’ll help you find the best windows for your home. Moreover, we’ll offer you installation packages that allow you to choose from a wide variety of colors and shades.

So, are you looking for a stylish and modern look for your home? Or are you desperate to stop wasting energy and reducing costs? In any case, Kreunen Construction has both inventory and expertise to help.

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