A Few FAQs About Power of Attorney

What exactly is POA or Power of Attorney?

POA or Power of Attorney is a legal document which gives one person normally the agent the power to act for another person. Agent can have broad legal authority or a limited authority to make legal decisions about the medical care, finances and principal property. Power of Attorney is used in case of the principal disability or illness or when the principal is not present to endorse the requisite legal documents or the financial transactions.

How Does Power of Attorney End?

A POA can end because of the several reasons like in case where principal dies, in case of his/her revoking it, in case of court invalidating it, in case of principal divorcing their spouses and in case agent is no longer able to carry out his/her duties.

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Why to Use Power of Attorney?

There are many people who run after obtaining power of attorney. There are many reasons to use power of attorney and there are different types of power of attorney. Nobody knows when the emergency comes and the power of attorney would be needed.

Who Needs POA?

Anybody who wants permit from another person to perform certain legal activities on his/her behalf needs a POA. This financial document enables another person to handle the financial matters, to make health care decisions and to take care of young children etc. In most of the states, power of attorney is easy to use.

How to Choose An Agent for POA?

Once you know that power of attorney is essential for you to get empowered, you would obviously begin to wonder whom to trust as an agent.

For the Finances:

If it is a financial power of attorney, it is important to have confidence in the financial knowledge of the lawyer. If he can take good financial decisions, he is worth hiring.

For the HealthCare:

If you need a healthcare power of attorney it is important for you to talk with your agent about what exactly you want. Do you want to be alive at any cost? Do you want certain treatment and procedures but not others? You can spell out such desires with your attorney and get it done in the Power of Attorney itself or on a different document.

Above all, the agent that you choose for POA should be aptly qualified and the one you can trust. Gone are the days when people used to hire lawyers to get their will prepared. Now with the help of a Will maker kit, they can write their own will.

Many people express the desire and say, “ I want to write my own will.” They can do so under a proper legal guidance and with the help of software.

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