Benefits of Mechanical engineering to the society

 The first of many facts of this blog is that Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest disciplines of Engineering. A discipline that gave birth to the idea of creating something out of nothing. From the greatest invention i.e. the Wheel to the space race between the Soviet Union and the USA, mechanical engineering has been omnipresent. For something that plays such a massive role in our day to day lives, we often forget to appreciate the art enough. But, that’s not the case at GH Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pune. GHRIET is one of the best mechanical engineering colleges in Pune and the country. And we believe in not only appreciating the art of Engineering but also helping young minds push it beyond the horizon.

Mechanical Engineering Contribution, Values and Future

Over the years, Mechanical Engineers have stood out like the Wright Brothers who gave us the first aeroplane. And many have worked behind the scenes to make something like space travel a reality. As a matter of fact, Mechanical Engineering has had a massive impact on where we are as a species and where we’re going. From fueling the industrial revolution in Europe to helping East Asia out of poverty through Automobile production, we’ll never run out of examples.

But, what stands out about Mechanical Engineering is the perseverance and dedication towards making a machine work. Imagine a life where we won’t have any machines to help us with our day to day chores. No washing machine to wash your dirty clothes, no automobile to ride around the city and no ventilators to keep people alive. It’s a depressing scenario, but more of an eye-opener.

Mechanical Engineering is underrated and Mechanical Engineers are even more underrated. Unlike the common consensus, Mechanical Engineering is not limited to cars or the machines you see in your day to day life. This very branch of Engineering is probably the one with the most solutions. Have you heard of the dykes that keep the Netherlands from going underwater and the sea at bay? These dykes are among modern marvels and a prime example of how good Mechanical Engineering can be on its day. Most Engineers who work on such marvellous projects have a B Tech ME on their resume from one of the Mechanical Engineering colleges in Pune.

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Top Mechanical Engineering colleges in Pune are producing the best talent

The city has produced top talent year after year for the Indian as well as foreign industry. The automobile industry alone has thrived on the crop produced by the top Mechanical Engineering colleges in Pune.

The fact that top recruiters often flock to Pune to get their hands on the best talent is immensely helping the cause. Playing a role in this is GHRIET, Pune, which has not only helped students earn a number of skill badges but also helped them find the right job. In the last decade, the Mechanical Engineering industry has struggled with the problem of surplus. With more and more sub-standard graduates entering the industry, it is choking the way for the good ones. Thankfully, that’s not the case at GHRIET Pune, one of the best Mechanical Engineering colleges in Pune, it has been home to the best talent in the country. Not only that, but it has also helped a number of startups grow and take on the bigwigs of the industry.

Do you wish to change the World?

Mechanical Engineering is an art that can transform almost everything around. We at GHRIET Pune, look for students with the will to change the world around them. What we do with that ambition is not only to create a bunch of highly skilled engineers but also to embed the skill of leadership in you. Among the best Mechanical Engineering colleges in Pune, we’re the only one that looks at the emotional and mental aspect of learning along with the practical learning part of it.

GHRIET Pune has been among the top Mechanical Engineering colleges in Pune as well as the rest of India. We have one of the best faculties in the country coupled with state of the art laboratories and classrooms. We believe in practical learning and maintaining a fun environment away from the assignment induced and tense environments of other colleges. Lastly, we give our best to create Engineers that go on and change the world and make their surroundings a better place.

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