Five Advantages MUN for High School Students in India

All over the world there has been loads of attention towards Model United Nations (MUN). Now more and more people are becoming part of this activity.

Now the question arises is MUN for high school students really helpful? This question will be answered in this article. But before going further let’s see what MUN is.

What is MUN?

Model United Nations is a school and college level activity that focuses mainly on simulating a United Nations conference. In this conference, participants are assigned to join a certain committee as a delegate of the UN representing a nation. Every conference is led with an agenda or issue and its goal is to solve it through debate and discussion. This MUN conference is concluded by the chairperson once a resolution solving the problem is passed.

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Find out more about MUN, here.

MUN was created for increasing the knowledge about global issues and foreign policies among students. Students participating in Model United Nations get overall development of personality. Find out the 5 major reasons and ways MUN is going to change a teens’ future and why each and every high school or college student must attend the MUN.

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

These conferences are organized in a way that each and every delegate is provided with a chance to present his/her views about a country. Because of this students get to speak in front of large audience and this reduces the stage fear and anxiety. By this students become confident speakers and also learn to connect and interact with other student delegates. Also, these skills are also very important for a student’s career. Communication skills can definitely be polished by attending more and more number of MUN for high school students.

Become Globally Aware

Students tend to focus mainly on their respective courses that they are studying. And it is really important for students to know things happening around the world to contribute towards the society through their ideas. Model United Nations provides an opportunity to students to understand the general policies of countries, foreign policies and a lot more stuff by which students get updated. Along with it, one also gets to know the working of the United Nations.

Emerge As a Leader

Participating in MUN lets you work as a team in your respective committees. Students get to learn how to maintain a good team, and this helps during interviews in near future. MUN provides leadership qualities that help in arranging conferences and workshops. Also, participants understand their team mates’ strengths and weaknesses by interacting with them. You also make a lot of friends over there as well.

Increase Your Research Skills

In MUN conferences, students are assigned with assignments respect to particular committee and the countries are allotted in advance. MUN is a fun way to learn history. Participants are required to do deep research on the topic and get prepared for all the expected questions in the conference. This develops the analytical skills which can be utilized in the major projects in future. Along with this, when students attend more and more MUNs, they discover exact procedure to work on different topics.

Makes College Applications Stand Out

MUN also helps in getting into the college of your choice. Most of the students know that if they want to take admission into a good college their scores is not only the reason to get accepted, extracurricular activities such as MUN are of utmost importance. MUN shows college that the student has a lot of talent. After all, when an award is won at MUN it proves that the person is knowledgeable, confident and has a lot of other impressive things.

Also, most colleges organize MUNs of their own worldwide. Harvard University conducts 4 HMUNs every year and University of Oxford conducts OxiMUN annually. Colleges in India also conduct MUNs with IIM Ahmadabad organize its own MUN as well. This proves that universities worldwide consider MUN to be of great importance and also value those people who have achieved in this field. MUN for high school students is indeed a very helpful activity.

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