How can an Intensive Driving Course Help You?

 Bought a new vehicle? Congrats! Then it’s time to take it for a ride. What did you say? You only have a provisional license and are yet to pass the test? Not a big deal! You have quality driving instructors Oxford to help you out. Oh, you want to pass the test within just a couple of weeks? Alright! You have options here as well! You need to get enrolled into an intensive driving course.

Never heard of that? Don’t bother!  Go through this blog. We will tell you everything you should know about an intensive driving course and how it can help you pass the driving test quickly enough.

What do we Mean by an ‘Intensive Driving Course’?

As mentioned by the DVSA, learner drivers need to go through 47 lessons, on an average, before they pass the practical test. This can be pretty time consuming and expensive at the same time. That is why, there has been a demand for intensive driving courses ( also known as ‘crash courses’) of late. Such a course is designed to make you ‘test-ready’, through shorter and more intense driving lessons.    

Here are the conditions you must meet to be able to take an intensive driving course-

  • You must possess a provisional driving license in the UK
  • If you intend to use your own car, you will require a learner driver insurance
  • Most Automatic Driving School would want you to have passed the theory test and demonstrate certain basic skills before you are inducted in to such a course. However, at times, they may include theory classes as a part of the course as well.


You may get some really flexible driving instructors Oxford who run intensive driving courses. They will provide you semi-intensive and less extreme courses as well, where you can take your own time to pass the test. You can avail the training in your own locality. Residential courses are also available where you would stay away from your home during the duration of the course. A residential course would help you more if you want to focus solely on driving, without any distractions.

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How does an Intensive Driving Course Differ From a Normal Course? 

An intensive driving course includes the same training that you would avail in conventional driving lessons. However, a more focused approach is applied in intensive driving courses. Such a course is tailored to address the areas you are not quite comfortable with. One-to-one tuitions are provided by qualified driving instructors Oxford so that you can be fast-tracked to clear your practical test.

How Long is the Duration of an Intensive Driving Course?

Well, there is no hard and fast time limit as such. However, most intensive driving courses are offered in just one or two weeks. Because of its shorter timeframe than the conventional course, you are expected to spend a minimum of 5 hours on the road, every day. You can also opt for flexible courses to suit your need. If you have taken some lessons earlier and are comfortable with the basics, you can opt for a course as short as ‘2-day course’ (10 hours of ‘on the road training’) too! 

If you are not sure about the amount of training you need, a quality Automatic Driving School should be able to provide you a proper assessment, based on your existing skill level. They would help you select the course that would be the most suitable to address your need.

Hope the above discussion would be of help to give you a proper idea of what an intensive driving course is. There are quite a few driving instructors Oxford that provide intensive driving courses. But, you should do your own research before selecting the best one. Hope you are able to find the best driving instructors Oxford, pass the test quickly and zoom with your new car through the streets in Oxford sooner than you expect!

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