How to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Your Quinceanera Party Theme?

Quinceanera or sweet sixteen, whatever you call this celebration, is surely the first grand party of your life. No, it is certainly not like your birthday. It is a party that marks the day when you step into the life of a woman. You have become someone to look up to, to adore and to cherish. So, the celebration should be grand too.

Now, when you are planning your Houston Quinceanera, you need to think of the colors that you will be using in the décor of your party venue. So, when you are searching for Quinceanera venues near me, it is important that you also look for the colors that can be the dominating aesthetic factor as the decoration team will follow your lead in this matter. Take a look at the following points to know more.

A Happy Combination of Maroon Pink and Ivory

This combination is a stunningly glamorous one. Maroon and pink are very feminine shades that bring in elegance, style and sophistication while ivory is a neutral shade that offers an amazing contrast with the darker shades and make it look magnificent. So, for your Quinceanera, these shades can be predominant. You can get a dress of the shade you like. Ask your friends and other guests to maintain the color scheme and ask the décor team of the hall you are looking to plan the décor according to that. All party venues in Houston should be able to do it.

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An Stylish Statement of Lavender and Charcoal Grey

Lavender is a feminine, soft and elegant shade that can look oh-so-soothing to eyes. When combined with charcoal grey, it can look stylish, rich and sophisticated. These colors signify that you are a person who rules over everything. So, for a queen, this Quinceanera color is the perfect one for your party. While this contrast will look great in the décor, table linen and centerpieces, you can choose the shade you want to dress up with while your friends can wear the contrasting ones creating a marvelous balance.

Wine and Beige – the Colors of Elegance

Wine shade is a beautiful and elegant one that complements any style. When paired with beige, it creates a contrast that is heavenly. To enhance the appeal and elegance of the colors, you can go for silk and lace to be dominating materials for the décor and your apparel. Both of these materials are stunning and visually appealing. While combined with these shades, they will create a timeless appeal that will make your party absolutely Insta-worthy!

A Youthful Blend of Emerald and Gold

For your Quinceanera what can be a better way to show the youthfulness of your heart! With colors like emerald and gold, you can create the perfect statement that will be glamorous, sassy and peppy. These colors will make the venue look stunning and amazing while you can get all decked up in an emerald sequined dress. The gold accent in the décor will add glitz to the vibe of the party.

So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for party halls in Houston and discuss this plan for colors with the decoration team of the venue. 

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