How to write a good essay as a beginner

For a college student, essay writing could be hard as the format and difficulty of the essay change as you transfer to a college. College-level essays are one of the hardest paper writing assignments. Not everyone can come up with the best essay. It requires practice and hard words.

When you transfer to a college, you’ll come across two types of essays, informative and persuasive. An informative essay is when you write about the topic in form of a question whereas a persuasive essay is when you’re trying to convince your readers to adopt your point of view.

It’s all about the way you convey your words to the audience. If they find it appealing, they might just stick to your content and learn from it. For this, you have to master essay writing.

The only way to master essay writing is to write essays daily. However, I will be guiding you about the format of a college-level essay. There will many new things for you compared to the essay you wrote in school.

You can also read books and use an editing tool to improve your essay writing as it’ll improve vocabulary meaning your essay writing will improve automatically. Essay writing is very much dependant on your vocabulary. If your vocabulary isn’t good enough, your messages will look poorly conveyed.

Here’s how to write a good essay as a beginner college student;

Read the assignment and research about it

First thing you should do is read the assignment very carefully and note all the instructions given on it. You will have to follow the guidelines of the essay as they are given by your teacher and it’s a test to see if you can write an essay within some guidelines and requirements.

After this, you’ll have to research the topic and gather all the main information about the topic and make main ideas out of it. Make sure to effectively research and not fake any as your teachers are not dumb and will fail you.

You can ask any paper writer for help with the research as it’s a hefty task to do. An extra pair of eyes won’t hurt.

Draft it

Use all the information you’ve gathered and draft your essay. Drafting will make it easier for you to write the essay as all the points will be plotted in each paragraph and you won’t have to figure out which point goes where.

Write the body

Body should consist of 4-5 paragraphs. Every paragraph should have its main idea and a support argument to back it up. Always try to use short sentences as it looks neat and it’s easier for the reader to understand what you’ve written.

End it with a conclusion

Conclusion should be of 4-5 lines in which you will be discussing all the points used above and give your opinion on each of them and about the topic regarding your thesis statement. This will bring closure to your essay.

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