Tips to keep your toddler comfortable in the summer heat

Indian summers are sweltering, relentless, and eternal. Save for certain hilly regions and the Himalayas, sunny days are forever. Albeit a way of life for the populace, the scorching heat and humidity are unbearable. Summers for babies are even worse as their skin is more delicate and softer than an average adult’s. Babies and toddlers have it worse because they might not always be able to express their irritation and skin burns because of the heat.

Summer Essentials for Babies and Toddlers

Though we cannot altogether escape the heat or keep the toddlers entirely away from sunlight, we can, however, take a few steps and make a few skin-friendly choices like summer essentials and Baby care products to keep toddlers comfortable and cool in the summer.

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  • Summer-friendly clothing – Cotton and Muslins are the baby wardrobe essentials in summers. Switch to breezy, soft cotton to keep toddlers cool and light in hot weather. Conscious clothing choices help a good deal in keeping the babies cool, happy, and rash-free.
  • Maintaining room temperature – Set a temperature that keeps the baby’s room cool, comfortable and ensures a good sleep time for the baby.
  • Proper hydration – ensure that the baby stays hydrated. Dehydration is a common condition during summers and it is wise to include fluids and water in the baby’s diet to prevent dehydration. Watermelon, bottle gourd, coconut water, and citrus fruits like orange and lemon are ideal for beating the heat and keeping babies well hydrated.
  • Ventilation – Allow for good ventilation during evenings when the weather is breezy and not particularly hot. Ventilation would ease down the warmth in the room and regulate the room temperature.
  • Baby baths – Draw a minimum of two baths for babies in peak summers. A lukewarm bath is refreshing and energizing for babies and a bath before sleep time ensures a peaceful and sound sleep. Choose a baby wash product that is skin-friendly and nourishing for babies. Take a look at for the best baby body wash products in the market.
  • Baby Foods – For babies and toddlers under two, breast milk is the best source of hydration since it is 80% water and 20% essential nutrients and antibodies. During summers, it is wise to give less spicy, less oily, and easily digestible foods. Including fruits, vegetables, and greens during summers help in easy digestion and prevents gastric problems and indigestion in babies.

Happy babies equal happy parents. Stock up on summer essentials and take steps to ensure that your toddler is hydrated, cool, and energetic.

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