What are Marijuana E-Liquids and Where can I find them in the UK?

Marijuana e-liquids, better known as CBD e-liquids here in the UK are weed flavoured e-liquids made especially for vaping. 

Vaping or inhaling is known to be one of the best ways of taking CBD when it comes to absorbing the desired effects of medical cannabis. It’s faster than eating or drinking as the CBD content does not have to go through your digestive tract but instantly gets absorbed into your system as soon as you inhale. It’s safer and more discreet than smoking since there is no combustion and no smoke, thus no fear of getting harmful carcinogens into your body. 

Generally, there are two types of CBD oils that you can vape- CBD vape oils and CBD e-liquids. But unlike CBD vape oils that are too high on cannabis content (upto 65%), most marijuana e-liquids have only about 10% of CBD content, making them preferable for those who only want the therapeutic effects lightly throughout the day. 

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Before you buy any kind of marijuana e-liquids here in the UK, make sure to pay close attention to its cannabis content and ingredients. Let’s see what you need to look for.

The makeup of marijuana e-liquids

Marijuana e-liquids are made just like ordinary non-CBD e-liquids. The only difference is that instead of tobacco or nicotine, they are mixed with pure hemp extracts mixed, natural terpenes (for flavouring) and diluted down by carrier oils such as VG- Vegetable Glycerine or PG- Propylene Glycol.

Industrial hemp contains CBD which offers dozens of healing properties for a number of ailments. 

Marijuana e-liquids are usually sold in cartridges that are best suited for vape pens (both one-time use and refillable) and bottles (in case you own a conventional vaping device) which you can use to refill your existing device.

Paso’s CBD e-liquids

Paso provides a range of CBD e-liquids in both cartridges as well as bottles. Rich in high quality CBD derived from US hemp. All are 10% CBD which allows you to vape more often without having to worry about feeling the effects of the CBD too much especially good if you are trying to manage ongoing pain.

Moreover, all their products are completely THC and nicotine-free making them free of any carcinogens. 

At present, they have two tasty flavours of marijuana e-liquids that you can buy- Mango Kush and Amnesia Haze both using terpenes derived from those specific strains. You can either get yourself the 1ml cartridges that work across all standard 510 thread vaping devices or vape pens or 10 ml bottle that you can use to refill the tank of your old existing vaping device.

Give them a check and let us know what you think!

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