Which form of Digital Marketing is better, SEO or PPC?

Attracting traffic to a website is what keeps it running. In many users who visit your website lies a small number of potential customers who will pay you for using your products or even services. Hence, by having huge traffic, you will lead to the success of your business.

To increase traffic, many people will ask which one is better, SEO or PPC? But, the answer lies totally in what kind of business you are in, the objectives, and the marketplace.

Before moving further in Digital Marketing, let’s check out the difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). When traffic comes from SEO, which is also known as organic traffic, it is free. But then it is generated from PPC; it is not free, or as the name suggests, you will have to pay a cost per click.

What is SEO? When to use SEO for growth in organic traffic?

Practicing SEO will help you achieve the quality and quantity of traffic to your website by ranking multiple organic Search Engine Results Page or SERP.

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You can use SEO in:

a) To achieve higher ROI or Return on Investment

Everyone likes big returns on small investments! SEO is a highly lucrative way to get ROI. Here you don’t have to put in money for every keyword to rank, unlike you are doing PPC. You have to optimize your website while keeping all the guidelines and algorithms in mind.

b) Cost

SEO is cost-effective; it can enhance your brand by bringing you all the relevant traffic compared to other digital marketing tactics.

c) Awareness

When you reach the top-five positions for your keywords, the visibility or exposure you will get is more than any campaign.

d) Trust

When you start ranking in any of the first five positions of SERPs, a site's trustworthiness also increases, i.e., you will become more reliable.

e) Sustainability

This is one of the best parts of SEO. Your ranking will be sustained for a while, even after you have stopped any SEO effort, unlike paid marketing.

What is PPC? When to use PPC for niche targeting visibility?

PPC or pay per click is a kind of search marketing where you can see advertisers pay a fee whenever a user clicks on the ad placed on top of the organic search results on a SERP page. In general terms, it is buying users' visits instead of earning them like in SEO.

You can use PPC in:

a) Brand Impression

If you spend on Google ads, it can help you increase your brand presence in the user’s mind, as your ad will appear above other pages.

b) Targeting

You can target the ads with a specific set of users based on its date, time, location, or any other sort of data.

c) Quick Visibility

PPC Services can also offer quick visibility compared to SEO. Keyword ranking can take some time. So PPC can increase visibility in an instant and at a reasonable cost.

d) Cost

As you will need to pay per click for every keyword you want to target, the cost will be more than the SEO. But, you need to understand the visibility which you will gain is much higher and quicker.

Let’s check which one is better, SEO or PPC!

Which service is better depends entirely on your industry and budget? If you have a well-structured campaign for both SEO and PPC, it can lead to the best results for your organization. You will see more clicks and leads that come your way and ensure that you are making money while you wait for the SEO efforts to pay off.

If you are on a budget and need an immediate impact, you should engage in a PPC campaign as it will show you the result faster. But it can still take time and error to hone on the ads which convert without overpaying for results.

However, if you have time and don’t need to get into immediate results, SEO can offer some of the best results and return. You won’t be paying for website traffic and leads always, or you won’t have to come up with new ads to combat Ad blindness.

Whatever you are choosing, a well-thought-out marketing plan that combines these two efforts can lead your business to the best overall outcome.

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