Sticker Marketing 101: 6 Benefits of Custom Sticker for Your Business


Looking for a new marketing product that is cost-effective and versatile? The answer may be smaller than you think!

Stickers are inexpensive to produce and easy to use, and their applications are almost limitless! You can create them with just a few clicks, and start using them within days. 

Whether you want to use them as free gifts or sell them, custom stickers are an option no one should ignore! Keep reading for 6 amazing benefits that stickers can have on your business!

1. Cost-Effective

What's one of the biggest reasons companies turn to stickers? They're cheap! No matter how you want to use them, high-quality stickers are affordable and flexible.

Able to endure shipping and general wear and tear, well-made stickers are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. 

2. Semi-Permanent

Depending on how they're used, stickers can provide vital ad space for months or even years. Stickers are great long-term marketing tools when displayed out of harm's way or made to endure the elements. 

To make your stickers last longer, make sure you have a quality custom sticker design. The more attractive your sticker, the more likely consumers will place them somewhere they will last.

3. A Great Kickstarter 

Because they're inexpensive and versatile, stickers are perfect even for businesses just starting out. They also provide a space to learn more about your company and its image. 

During the process of designing your stickers, you'll need to decide how your brand looks and what message it will send. This makes stickers a great tool for building your brand and experimenting without taking any real risks. 

4. Easy to Produce and Use

You don't need a graphic designer on staff to create amazing stickers (though it couldn't hurt!). 

When you're ready to make a sticker, you can find plenty of programs that allow you to design and order professional-looking stickers in just a few clicks.

All the manufacturing is done for you, meaning all you have to do is receive your stickers and start using them!

5. Sellable

Depending on the type of stickers you create, you may even be able to sell them! Today, consumers use stickers as part of their self-expression, putting them on everything from water bottles to laptops.  

If your design is attractive and your customers like them, consider selling your stickers. Charging just a few dollars can help build word of mouth and even make you a few extra bucks.

6. Can Enhance Other Products and Services

If you don't want to sell your stickers, you still have plenty of ways to use them. Some of the most common ideas include:

  • Using stickers in the shipping process

  • Including stickers as free gifts with purchases

  • Giving out stickers at events

However you decide to use them, you have plenty of room for experimentation. Make the most out of your sticker marketing by testing new uses, and be sure to listen to consumer feedback. 

6 Amazing Benefits of Custom Stickers in Marketing

Are you stuck on custom stickers yet? You should be! These small but powerful marketing tools are not only inexpensive, but they're also very versatile. 

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