Tips to Help You Buy Green Tea Online

There is an expression about a good and bad tea leaf. “You can never make good tea from a bad leaf, But you can always make bad tea from a Good leaf.” So you have to be careful in using good tea leaves to make high quality tea.

1. When it comes to buying green tea, you may want to do proper research and thorough homework about trusted suppliers. This will help you choose the best or avoid getting substandard options sold as copies of original ones. However, if you have never browsed the internet to buy green tea online, then you may find the following tips essential.

2. Green tea is green
One thing that most people overlook is that the best green tea is green or yellowish green.This is because it is not subject to oxidation, unlike the black teas. If you are looking for the original tea leaves for green tea, then you should check out the naturally green ones, especially chinese or japanese.
To confirm this, when you are brewing your fine quality green tea, the cup should have a green liquid ,of course depending on the heating of the tea ware, temperature of water and steeping time you are using. Also, if you checked brewed tea leaves, you would notice that they turn back to green after brewing.

3. Confirm the origin of the tea
Whether you have always bought green tea online or you are trying this for the first time, you need to confirm the origin. As most stores will try to stock cheap teas or those that give them good margins, if you do not want to fall victim, be sure to ask and confirm the origin, quality and processing methods.

4. Buy whole leaf green tea
It is advisable that you put an order for a whole leaf green tea, as it is much better than other teas and tea bags. Tea bags can never give you a good tea experience as they are the dust of lose leaves and release all the catechins and caffeine all at once. Catechins are great oxidants but when steeped for more than a minute they make your tea bitter. Green tea is grown for health wellbeing and a pleasurable experience. Also, it is worth noting that loose leaf green tea can be the most delicious one. It is the most natural form of green tea that you can find in the market. Therefore, if you have such requirements, then ensure to get a loose leaf or whole leaf green tea.

5. Buy green teas while still fresh
Normally, green tea tends to lose its flavor and health benefits as time goes beyond 14-15 months. Greens teas start to lose value after about 15 months if stored properly in dark and cool temperatures around 15 degrees celsius. The 24 months of shelf life is subject to storage methods. Therefore, it is advisable to buy it when it is somewhat fresh. Buying too fresh in the season also has its downside in terms of dollars and full value.

6. Ask for expert help
Lastly, if you have doubts about your selection, ask for an expert's help. You may talk to a close friend or relative and ask for their referrals or recommendations if they have been buying and drinking good loose leaf green tea.

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