Which Water Purifier Is Right For You?

Municipalities in India do not provide water 24*7, also they restrict the water supply to few hours that leads to more contaminated water. Everyone loves their family and installing the right water purifier is the basic step to lead a healthy life for your family so that they can be prevented from drinking municipalities contaminated water. Pure water protects you and your family from several diseases. Water purifiers are owing to the best safeguard in this regard now a days. Water purifiers comes with advanced technologies now a days.

RO Water Purifier

RO indicates reverse osmosis technology. RO water purifier are considered to be the best water purifiers as it removes dissolved pollutants through its semi permeable membrane. RO purifier is capable of removing most hazardous germs and bacteria from the water which can have negative impact on your health. RO purifiers waste a lot of water and this lead to scarcity of water resources. RO technology cannot be used alone unless it is combined with TDS otherwise it may result in removing the essential minerals from the water.

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UV Water Purifier

UV indicated ultraviolet water purifier. UV water purifier helps in purifying normal tap water and removes harmful contaminants from water. UV purification to remove microorganisms without removing essential minerals. UV purification is the most effective way of water purification as it does not add any chemical to the water and also does not waste any water. But UV water purifier cannot remove dissolved impurities from water.

Choosing the Best Water Purifier for Home

RO water purifier waste a huge amount of water that runs through its system so we should go for those RO purifier who saves water not waste it like Livpure Smart water purifier saves almost 70% of water. It recover large portion of the water that is being thrown in waste by other water purifier. Both the technologies RO and UV have their own pros and cons so one should go with the water purifier which gives both the technologies in one purifier.

Livpure Smart provides RO+UV+UF and RO+UV+MF technologies water purifier online and it also help the users in managing their financial issues. One can rent water purifier on monthly basis from Livpure Smart at just Rs.375/month.

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