4 Major Steps to Take for Hiring An Attorney

If you have suffered an accident causing a personal injury due to the negligence and carelessness of another, it can be a difficult time for you and understandably you could be eager to get justice and compensation for yourself. While you should definitely make up your mind to file a lawsuit and do it within the stipulated time, you should not make haste when hiring an attorney to fight your case.

Here are a few things to think about before you hire an attorney and go on to file a lawsuit. 

Follow these 4 major steps you should take when hiring a personal injury lawyer:

1) Determine the attorney’s specialization

Several kinds of injuries are covered under Personal Injury Laws in different states. Car crashes or accident claims are one of the most common personal injury claims that are made, however, there are other kinds of personal injury cases such as Slip and Fall cases, cases of medical malpractice/negligence, intentional harm, or even defamation.

Often lawyers take a certain type of case, have more experience handling those, and specialize in a particular kind of claim. For the kind of personal injury you have suffered, you should hire an attorney who specializes in your particular type of claim. For instance, if you have suffered a car crash due to another’s driver's negligence, you should look for a Car Accident Attorney in Lake Charles to fight your case, rather than someone who specializes in medical malpractice claims or defamation cases.

For this, first of all, determine their area of specialization and whether it matches your personal injury case to know if they would be a good fit for your case. 

2) Enquire about their experience

Do background research and find out about their experience via credible sources. You can find out these details online or directly, and a good way to confirm would be to refer to either legal directories or the state’s Bar Association such as the Louisiana State Bar Association that can tell you how many years of legal experience a lawyer has and their legal history. 

Enquire about an attorney’s overall experience in legal practice as well as their experience in their area of specialization. Hire an attorney with extensive experience handling cases such as yours – a lawyer who has the knowledge, ability, and willingness to handle your case.

3) Meet them in person

After you have researched and enquired adequately, don’t jump onto hiring an attorney just yet. Don’t go by reviews alone, do meet them in person before you make any decision. 

Arrange a meeting with them, if you are looking at a law firm, ask to meet the individual lawyer who would be handling your case. This step is important in ascertaining whether you click with them on a personal level, have a rapport with them or not. It would also be a good time to evaluate whether they possess some of the top qualities a lawyer should have.

If you are going to be trusting them with fighting your personal injury case as you face a difficult time, the best way to know whether they are suitable and would be handling your case to the best of their ability to get the best possible outcome is by meeting them and becoming sure.

4) Ask questions – discuss your case sincerely

By this time you should have formed your initial impression about the attorney you are potentially going to be hiring for your case.

As you meet them, ask questions directly about their work and experience, and discuss your case, as well as the terms of the fee contract. You should choose a lawyer that is willing to answer any questions you may have related to their work confidently, and further related to your case clearly and in a manner that is understandable for you.

As you discuss your case, the communication should be frank and sincere on both sides. The exchange should include sincere, credible, and genuine advice, taking into consideration what you desire from the case as a client and arriving at the most suitable course of action. 

Be sure to consider a few options before you settle with a particular attorney. If you are facing a car crash in Louisiana, go for an experienced Car Accident Attorney in Lake Charles to ensure the best possible outcome.

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