5 Pretty Places to Put on Your Bucket List

Have you always dreamed of traveling somewhere new and beautiful, but didn't know where to go? Maybe you want to relax and have fun without feeling overwhelmed on vacation, or you want to hop from one place to another with ease. If you're looking for places that are nearby and would rather avoid traveling to Europe, check out these fun and beautiful destinations that are packed with gorgeous locations you won't forget anytime soon. 

1. The Islands of Hawaii

Hawaii is a popular tourist destination for many people. The islands offer beauty that you won't find anywhere on the mainland, from an active volcano to tropical beauty that is surrounded by the ocean. One thing that interests many people is the ability to island-hop or see as much of the beauty as possible that Hawaii has to offer. If you are going to do this, plan carefully and don't feel as though you have to cram everything into one trip. Adventurous types can head to Kauai while Maui is known for love and romance. Or, consider traveling all around the Big Island, visiting a rainforest zoo, and seeing rainbows on a daily basis. 

2. Beautiful Mexico

Going to another country might sound like fun, but you don't want to jet-set halfway across the world. If that's the case, consider beautiful Mexico cruises that allow you to witness breathtaking sunsets while admiring clear waters and white sand. You can relax on your cruise ship, making time to go visit land when your ship comes into port. Cruises can be a good way to kick back and explore without the need to book hotels or find transportation.

3. Anywhere in the Caribbean 

There are several Caribbean islands that are beautiful to see, but you might not have heard about or considered them before. Consider Aruba, Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, or St. Bart's if you are looking to see tropical beauty and relax on the beach. Some people take this as an opportunity to island-hop here as well, traveling to more than one island. Again, perhaps pick only one or two places that appeal to you. Otherwise, you might find your vacation less relaxing and more overwhelming than you anticipated. 

4. The isolated Beauty of Alaska

When deciding what beautiful places to see, many people count out Alaska, equating it with the cold. While it's true that Alaska can be chilly during the winter, if you pick the right time of year to see it, you may be surprised at the natural beauty you find here. There are rivers, lakes, and bodies of water, making this a prime spot to swim or cruise. 

You'll find moose, elk, deer, and all kinds of wild animals in their natural habitat. Alaska is also less likely to be busy than other places you might choose to vacation to, making this enjoyable for those who don't like to deal with crowds. 

5. The State of Maine 

Maine might get something of a negative reputation because of the cold, but there's a lot to see here if you know where to go. Famous for Cape Cod homes and lighthouses, Maine is also a great place to eat if you enjoy fresh seafood and want something caught that day. If you'd rather avoid the crowds but still want someplace out of the ordinary, this might be the right destination for you.

When looking for beautiful places to put on your bucket list, these different locations have something for everyone. 

Hawaii is beautiful no matter which island you pick. Or, you might consider taking a cruise to Mexico, without the need to plan for a hotel. Different Caribbean islands have their own unique beauty that you might enjoy if you like the tropics. Alaska allows you to see nature raw and unfiltered, or you might like going to Maine to see civilization from a sea-faring point of view. No matter what type of place you envision your next vacation at, these locations have something for everyone. 

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  2. Dreaming of traveling to new and stunning places is always exciting! These suggestions seem perfect for anyone seeking a memorable vacation close to home. It's a nice reminder to take breaks from the intensity of my online Master's class and indulge in some wanderlust inspiration. Thanks for sharing these beautiful destinations—I'll definitely add them to my bucket list!