Benefits of Vitamin Infusion Therapy

Have you heard of the new and fast way of achieving superb energy, immunity, and great skin? 

If you haven’t already, let us break the news to you. Vitamin Infusion Therapy that makes use of IVs (Intravenous drips) to infuse vital vitamins and minerals into your body can do this and much more for you.

Vitamin Infusion therapy, also known as IV therapy, gives you a quick shot of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients directly affecting your nutritional score, energy levels, hydration levels, skin condition and brings relief from a variety of symptoms of ailments.

Just like the traditional IV treatments that are commonly used in hospitals, this is a safe and effective way of delivering nutrients to the body by injecting them directly into the bloodstream. In addition to this, the therapy yields quicker results which have led to its immense popularity taking the wellness and beauty world by a storm.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of IV therapy:

Kick in nutrients

Did you know that you only absorb about 50% of the nutrients you consume orally? When you normally take nutritional supplements in the form of pills and tablets, they go to your digestive system first where they are absorbed, but about half of them are lost as they get broken down in the stomach and digestive tract. 

Thus, oral consumption only gives a limited absorption. With IVs, nutrients are injected directly in high concentrations that get absorbed directly by the body. Vitamin Infusion therapy is thus a faster and effective way to kick in vital nutrients. Instead of taking the longer route with limited absorption, a vitamin infusion can fill up your nutritional stores with a significantly higher absorption rate of up to 90%.

Supercharges energy levels

Your energy levels can dip due to a dip in your base nutrient levels or even day-to-day activities and exertions. Whether you’re feeling under the weather or jet-lagged, hungover or simply energy-deficient or lethargic, a fresh infusion of vital vitamins and minerals can give you the right boost and lift your energy levels. 

Just a quick session of this therapy, which takes only about 30-40 minutes on IV, can leave you feeling supercharged and refreshed. You can easily get ready for some heavy lifting in the gym or sports, athletes and runners often go for IV therapies for the same! IV therapy has great benefits of energy to fill everyday life with vigor. It has even been used for the treatment of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and has shown positive results.

Increases hydration

IVs are often used to offer hydration after intense physical activities or loss of fluids due to any reason. Vitamin infusion is a great way to rehydrate yourself with a concoction of minerals and nutrients that hydrate your body from within. This is especially useful in fighting stress and exhaustion. Vitamin Infusion Therapy has even been shown to help chronic dehydration with positive results. An IV therapy before a sporting event or hitting the gym can keep your hydration levels strong. 

Beauty benefits 

The therapy offers a host of beauty benefits that can literally make your skin glow. This is one of the reasons why celebrities are opting for IV therapies; Adele, Kendall Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian swear by it. Vitamin infusion therapy works amazingly for the skin as it infuses the body with vitamins that are not lost and actually reach the skin. Oral supplements on the other hand are lost and don’t always reach your skin to show any immediate or significant results. 

Vitamin infusion on the other hand can provide targeted benefits for skin and beauty. It can moisturize and repair damaged skin, fight the effects of pollution, stress, and exhaustion. Options of IV therapy such as glutathione infuse the body with antioxidants to get shiny glowy skin. Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, vitamin D variants can replenish and rejuvenate skin to improve clarity and vitality.

Boosts immunity

With Vitamin Infusion IV therapy you can give your system a fresh dose of vitamins and minerals and boost your immunity. Vitamin infusion therapy quickly replenishes all your stores of nutrients to keep your health in check. The therapy also provides a higher level of nutrients in the bloodstream leading to a higher uptake by cells helping fight off illnesses and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Instant results

Vitamin Infusion with IV bypasses the digestive process which takes up time in absorption. Since it delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream it takes no time to kick in, it shows instant results. A session takes no more than an hour at best and in about half an hour you can begin to see results that last up to a week. With regular sessions, one can keep themselves reinvigorated for long.

No need to go to a hospital!

You don’t need to visit a hospital to get vitamin infusion therapy. The therapy is available to anyone who’d like to experience rejuvenation, outside scary hospitals. You can get a vitamin infusion IV done at any reputed clinic, have it performed by a professional practitioner in less than an hour, and be on your way. It’s like getting a spa, only better because it leaves you feeling refreshed inside out in a much more effective way. Add it to your wellness routine and feel the difference!

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