Table Fans: Prices, Models, Brands and More

With the work from home scenario gaining popularity all over the country, people are looking for ways to provide a good and stable supply of air circulation to their work areas at home. This is where a table fan makes a great addition for your study corner or your outdoor work-from-home setting. 

A table fan is an economical and energy-efficient way to cool your home or office. Table fans work by spreading air across the room horizontally and decreasing the temperature by cooling the air down. 

A table fan can be used in many areas, such as the study, balcony, terrace, lobby, as well as any other corners in the house.  Besides, table fans are cost-effective by nature. Due to the energy saving and extremely low power consumption, table fan prices are reasonable and comparatively lower. However, with the multitude of options available, how do you determine the ideal table fan price? 

Worry not – to help you understand table fan prices, here are some of the factors that determine the cost of such fans. Read on.

Factors Affecting Table Fan Prices

  •  Fan Speed

The fan speed is one of the first and most important things to consider while deciding the correct table fan price for you. The intensity of the speed shows how efficiently the table fan will work in your room. If the speed is too slow, the fan will not generate enough air. 

Similarly, if the fan is too fast, it will make a lot of sound and might cause problems blowing important papers in the air, which may be inconvenient for you. Therefore, choosing the correct fan speed is an important deciding factor of a good quality table fan. In addition, you can also look for options that come with added functionalities such as a knob to control the speed of the fan, or even remote control fans.

  • Power Consumption And Air Delivery

The power consumption of a table fan is an important thing when deciding the correct table fan price. Most table fans have significantly low power consumption and maximize energy savings. This means that the amount you pay as your table fan price,comes back to you in the form of savings on your electricity bills over time, in addition to generating lasting long-term savings. 

Apart from this, air delivery is also an important factor. The air delivery of a table fan is measured in CMM (Cubic meter per minute), and this decides the amount of air that is delivered in the room.Fans from trusted  brands like Luminous provide high air delivery and thrust which is perfect for your homes. 

  • Specifications And Brand

The third factor that largely affects the price of a table fan is the brand and specifications they provide in the models. Sometimes, you may get an extremely cheap table fan price from a local vendor or seller. But mostly, they sell products that do not match your expectations or don’t deliver on performance. 

Therefore, it is important to be careful while selecting the brand you buy your table fan from. With a slightly higher table fan price from a reputed brand, you will be able to get returns from this appliance in the long run.

Table Fans In The Market 

Now that you have understood what factors affect the table fan prices and how to decide what table fan price works best for our budget and requirement. Next, let us look at a sturdy and dependable table fan option by Luminous.

Mojo Plus White Table Fan

Screenshot 2021-07-16 at 6.16.25 PM.jpg

Image Source: Luminous

This table fan is equipped with a high-speed motor for greater levels of air thrust in the area. In addition, it has specially designed sharper blades that reduce the noise creation during operations significantly. This fan also has a low power consumption limit, making it energy efficient and helps maximize our savings on utility bills.


  • Sweep size- 400 mm
  • Air Delivery (CMM)- 75
  • Speed (RPM)- 2100
  • Power Consumption- 130W
  • Blade Material- Poly Propylene
  • Table fan price- ₹2,140.

Now that you know what factors to consider when looking for the ideal table fan, it’s time to explore your options. While you are at it, make sure you explore brands such as Luminous that provide high-quality table fans at reasonably affordable prices.In addition, their fans are extremely easy to use and have a high-efficiency level which is why they are gaining popularity throughout the country. So, check their website or contact them in-store to find your ideal table fan today!

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