How to Conduct a Business-to-Business Survey

As a business owner, you're probably well aware of the fact that a large percentage of small businesses end up failing. With this in mind, you're going to need to do everything in your power to avoid putting your business in a bad position at any point.

One way to do it is by constantly looking for ways to improve. You should consider sending out business-to-business surveys to the other companies that you work with on a regular basis to get some ideas on how to do it.

A business-to-business survey can be an invaluable business tool for your company. It can help you to adjust your business plan accordingly over time and allow you to build up stronger business relationships, too.

Here are some tips on how to conduct a successful business-to-business survey so that you can begin to make improvements to your business relations right away.


Figure Out What the Objective of Your Business-to-Business Survey Will Be

Before you begin creating a business-to-business survey, you should figure out what the objective for it is going to be. What specifically do you want to try to learn from your survey when everything is all said and done?

Would you like to know:

  • What other companies think about the prices of your products and/or services?
  • Which new products and/or services companies would like to see from your business?
  • How other companies feel about your business' approach to customer service?

Whatever the case, you should try not to do too much with your business-to-business survey. Instead, you should make your survey as specific as you can get it. It'll make it much easier for companies to wrap their head around it, and it'll produce real results for your business.


Decide Who Is Going to Receive Your Business-to-Business Survey

Once you know what the objective of your business-to-business survey is going to be, the next thing you should do is decide which companies are going to receive it. Ideally, you should try to send it out to as many other companies as you can since not all of them are going to respond to you.

Even if you don't have the best business relationships with companies, you should still think about including them in your survey. It could very well help to improve relationships with these companies and make them stronger.

You should compile a long list of companies that you want to send your business-to-business survey. You should also find their contact information and write it down on your list.


Come Up With a Concise List of Questions for Your Business-to-Business Survey

After you know which companies are going to receive your business-to-business survey, it'll be time to come up with the questions that are going to appear on it. This is obviously going to take up the bulk of your time when it comes to conducting a business-to-business survey.

In a perfect world, you should try to keep your business-to-business survey as concise as you can get it. You may be tempted to try to cram 100 questions into it. But you would be way better off brainstorming 100 questions and then cutting your survey down to only the 20 or maybe 25 best ones.

When you're done doing that, you should then go through each of your questions and make them as clear as you can. If a question is confusing in the least, it could lead to you getting some off-the-wall answers. It could also make people think twice about whether or not they want to participate in your business-to-business survey in the first place.


Choose How You Will Send Out Your Business-to-Business Survey

When you get to this point, you should have your business-to-business survey completed. But you're still going to need to choose how you want to go about sending it out to other companies.

Do you want to print out copies of your business-to-business survey and send them out in the mail? Do you want to host the survey on your website? Or do you want to use one of the many online survey creators to get the job done?

You're free to take whichever approach you would like to sending out your business-to-business survey. But you should try to pick the option that you think will get the best response based on the companies that will be receiving it.

You should also consider when to send a survey to businesses since you might get a better overall response by sending it at certain times versus others. 


Give Companies a Reason to Take Part in Your Business-to-Business Survey

It would absolutely amazing if you could count on every business that you send a business-to-business survey to fill it out and send it right back. But of course, that's not going to happen.

Some businesses aren't going to be able to make time to do your survey. Others will plan to do it and then simply forget.

However, you might be able to entice businesses to give your business-to-business survey a chance. One great way to do it would be by letting businesses know that you're going to enter everyone who responds to your survey into a raffle and then have a drawing for a fantastic prize or a discount of some kind.

This could help to get more businesses to respond to your business-to-business survey.


Set a Deadline for Your Business-to-Business Survey and Send Follow Ups About It

When you send a business-to-business survey out to companies, you should let it be known when the deadline for it is going to be. If you send the survey out digitally, you should also follow up with companies and remind them that you would appreciate them taking the time to complete your survey.

These things should increase the chances of more companies getting back to you with a completed business-to-business survey. It should give your survey every opportunity to succeed in the end.


Take Advantage of Everything That a Business-to-Business Survey Can Offer to You

Conducting a business-to-business survey could work wonders for your company. It could make it possible for you to improve your business in ways that you may not have imagined before.

But in order to take advantage of a business-to-business survey, you'll need to follow the steps listed here. They'll lead you in the right direction as you set out to send surveys to other companies.

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