New bingo calls: Which calls are they replacing?

There are very few other countries that have had such a long love affair with bingo as the UK, and that is evident when you consider the number of bingo halls around these days, as well as the crazy popularity of online bingo amongst British gamblers. In fact, because of the recent emergence of online bingo, it is only really online slots at and sports betting that fascinate British gamblers more! 

There are so many reasons behind the immense popularity of bingo these days, however one of the most important in the world of bingo calls. This is especially poignant in the UK, where bingo calls have become so popular that people regularly use them in real-world situations, even when they’re not playing bingo! Recently there have been a number of new bingo calls becoming popular, read on to find out which calls they are replacing.

When did bingo calls start? 

Something that isn’t often touched upon when it comes to bingo calls is the history behind them. Because of their immense cultural importance it can definitely be easy to think of bingo calls as almost permanent features of the game, however this certainly isn’t the case – they didn’t have bingo calls back in 16th century Italy! 

Bingo calls are actually a lot more modern than you might think, and were only devised after WWII, where bingo started to gain a lot more commercial traction. During WWII army personnel regularly played bingo in order to keep themselves occupied, and this is where many bingo calls still used today have their origins.

A few reasons why bingo calls exist 

Ever wondered why bingo calls even exist? They can sound quite random to people that have never heard the before, however there are some important reasons behind their existence. Take a look at some of these reasons: 

  • Keep up morale: Back in the WWII era soldiers used bingo calls to keep their morale up whilst on their off-time, and this is why many bingo calls remain funny today.
  • Help keep track: Another key reason behind bingo calls is that they are crucial for helping people keep track of the bingo numbers that have already been called.

Ever heard of “woke” bingo calls? 

In a slightly surprising development, the bingo calls world has recently been criticised by people who think some of them are a little too rude or offensive. This is where the concept of “woke” bingo calls originates. 

Woke bingo calls are essentially new versions of some of the old bingo calls, and they are made to be more inclusive and less rude.

Some examples of new bingo calls and which bingo calls they are replacing 

It’s not just woke bingo calls that are replacing traditional bingo calls either. Take a look at some of these examples of new bingo calls and which bingo calls they are replacing: 

  • 8 – Sexy Kate replacing Garden Gate
  • 37 – One night in heaven replacing More than eleven

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