Best Monero Wallet App for Your Crypto Exchanges


Buying and managing cryptocurrency is one of the most booming topics these days. Since digital funds are radically different from traditional money, the tools that we use for organizing them are also quite different. 

Electronic wallets were used long ago crypto came in but right now they are a popular option for every user or trader of crypto. People are gradually moving from a cautious attitude to e-wallets to trust and admiration. And no wonder – they provide so many ‘tasty’ features starting from anonymous use and ending with the adequate size of fees. 

Trustee Wallet is a well-known Monero wallet allowing for the comfortable use and exchange of any crypto coins. Over a hundred of them are available for purchase anytime. 

How to Create Monero Wallet Account and Start Using It

Why is Trustee so much loved by the clients? 

First of all, for the ease of use. This Monero wallet online doesn’t need anything extraordinary from you to get started. To open an account, you just need to create and remember the seed phrase that will be your key to managing the personal account. No documentation from the bank or data about your income is required. 

Besides, the Trustee app is super easy to download on whatever device you have: the app is free to get in App Store for iOS and in Google Play for Android devices. 

What Conditions Does Trustee Give to Store and Transfer Monero?

Monero is one of the new crypto coins that this wallet holds. The XMR wallet app has the following features for comfortable storage and purchases of Monero. 

  1. Total security and anonymity. 

Thanks to the technology of encryption and a few layers of security, all of your data is kept away from fraudsters’ eyes and will never be used against you. 

Two-factor verification is also the plus that will set you in full control of your account activity. 

  1. No hidden fees for crypto operations. 

The Monero wallet app Trustee is a multi currency app where you can buy a cryptocurrency for fiat money or exchange crypto to crypto. In any of these cases, the financial transfer won’t be as costly as other global transfer tools make it. 

The only fee you will pay is the miner’s fee in case of exchange. 

  1. Fast mobile access. 

Having the Trustee app on your iPhone or Android device will grant the best experience of quick access to any crypto coin and seamless work. 

  1. Smart swap function. 

Using this XMR wallet online, you get top crypto exchange rates. The search algorithm on the Trustee website will scan all the exchanges and then show you the most profitable rates for exchange. This feature is already helping many users save good costs on exchanges. 

All of these cool features of Trustee will be available when you create XMR wallet. This review showed that there your funds will remain secure and you will get the best offers for online Monero exchange.  

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