The most memorable triumph of Namibian cricket

All sports have some amazing stories of teams and athletes who were able to overcome impossible odds. Users can also do the same by going to the top site for online bet with 1xBet. One of the stories that will be spoken for years to come is what was achieved by the Namibian cricket squad. Specifically, the African team managed to beat Ireland in an excellent match that was played in Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates.


But this was no ordinary win for the team. Instead, the biggest merit they achieved whas the fact that this is the first time ever that Namibia beats a fully-fledged squad. Ireland is not considered normally as a powerhouse in cricket. However, they still have some reasons to be called a relevant team nonetheless. For this reason, people can decide for bet with 1xBet online top site. This will allow them to enjoy cricket in a way like they never did before.

Sri Lanka has been having quite an easy T20 World Cup

In the interesting T20 World Cup being hosted by Oman and the United Arab Emirates, there are a few teams that certainly are enjoying better moments than others. For this reason, it is always a good idea to monitor all cricket betting odds on 1xBet. One of the most interesting developments has been what happened with Sri Lanka during the recent competition.


After this team defeated the Netherlands national team, they eventually managed to continue into the Super 12s round of the T20 World Cup. Now there will be further challenges ahead for the Sri Lankans. However, for now they can be happy by the fact that they had some excellent matches that they can cherish. The 1xBet cricket betting odds on the site on many competitions are a fantastic way to enjoy this competition like never before.

The IPL is likely to grow soon

Manchester United is one of the most important clubs in football. Many people might ask what this has to do with cricket. Well, it turns out that the Glazers, who are the owners of the Red Devils, are one of the many companies, business people and entities interested in developing new teams for the Indian Premier League. Of course, this growth in the IPL will be a great reason to visit In the upcoming years, two new teams will need to be created. They can be based in the cities of:


  • Ahmedabad;
  • Lucknow;
  • Guwahati;
  • and a few others.


India, being the second most populous country around the world, can be a huge market for many companies. That’s the reason why more than 20 different entities have presented their ideas to create new teams that will enter the Indian Premier League. At any moment the IPL is a great place to take advantage of everything that 1xBet has to offer.

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