Score Full Marks in Class 9 Maths With These Tips

Students are often troubled by examinations that occur multiple times in an academic year. Exams are considered an important milestone. A good student scores well in these exams. Students who do not score well are seen as unworthy of praise or any reinforcement. Thus, each student desires good marks and puts their all in to get these marks. 

Class 9 is an important class that prepares you for the higher classes. Class 9 examinations give basic information about the schedule of higher classes. The Maths examinations of Class 9 prepare the students for the hardcore concepts that will be taught in class 10th as well. As such, focusing hard on maths in class 9 makes it easy for students to consider if they want to pursue the subject further. Moreover, several competitive and entrance examinations ask questions till Class 10th maths. Practising maths now will make it easier for students with such aspirations later. Taking on prestigious competitions like Olympiads and NTSE also requires knowledge of the 9th grade. 

Each pupil feels somewhat frightened with regards to Board Exams. Class 9 is the most critical period as the understudies do not know how to give a Board Exam, and they need to prepare for the same. Scoring handsome marks in class 9 is exceptionally easy. Subject experts agree that students who have followed the right techniques have got excellent grades. The main issue is that numerous students and their peers are ignorant of the specific methods to follow. This article will talk about some tips and tricks that Class 9 students can use to score well in their exams. 

Class 9 Maths Preparation Tips 

  • While it might sound redundant, creating a timetable or routine is the best way to start preparing for an examination. Routine is the best way to prepare one’s mind to take on maths. The subject requires intense practice, and the student will get mentally prepared to do it. 
  • A student’s studying environment matters as much as the content under study. Studies have shown that people get bored if they keep on studying or working in the same workspace. Switching the environment to focus in, from a room to a library, for example, has shown better concentration. It does not have to be a library. An environment in which a student can effectively focus on practising maths is good. 
  • Speaking of the content, students of every class hold up NCERT books as their Holy Bible. The National Council for Educational Research and Training books are drafted with the CBSE syllabus in mind and contain everything necessary for each academic exam. NCERT Book for Class 9 Maths especially has all the questions that have high chances of appearing in the examination. 
  • NCERT books also have previous years’ question papers. Since CBSE question papers have the same pattern all over India, it becomes easier for students to prepare for their exams regardless of their geographic location. Students have found it favourable to practice the questions given at the end of the chapters and the end of the book. 
  • Students should keep their phones, laptops, and computers away. Staring at screens can take away the ability to concentrate and also pose as a big distractor.
  • Students can ask their parents, siblings, friends, or pets to keep them company. With a company that the student enjoys, studying can be something fun rather than boring. The company will also act as a reinforcer. The student will feel someone watching them and will be motivated to study better and focus more. 
  • Students should always take a look at the syllabus before they start studying. Doing so will help them focus on the more essential topics and decide how much time they should give to each chapter. Students can draft a better routine when they know which subtopics are significant and require more concentration. Creating cheat sheets according to chapters will also aid the students.
  • Students think that studying for 6 hours every day will fetch marks. If not that, students think studying right before the exam will help them retain the knowledge better. Unfortunately, neither of those strategies is efficient for long-term retention. While it is good to study consistently, forcing themselves to concentrate for long periods only leads to burnout. Students should slowly increment the time they are putting into their studies. Practising maths for two hours a day is a good starting point. Students should only increase this time when they feel confident in themselves. 
  • Switching up subjects is just as important as switching up the environment. Too much of anything can become monotonous. Similarly, practising only maths the whole time can cause boredom. The boredom can eventually lead to procrastination and avoidance of maths. Students should mix in easy-going subjects when they plan to keep a maths practice in their schedule. 
  • Students should aim at finishing their syllabus before their anticipated examination date. This one-month gap will give them enough time to revise the concepts they have learned and practice the sums they find difficult. This revision time pertains to all subjects for a Class 9 student. Revision is the only way to progress. Students should consider extremely tough questions and their running notes. They should also invest more energy in remembering and examining the appropriate responses, formulae, graphs, and diagrams.
  • Exam anxiety is a real thing. It is common for students to feel nervous about any upcoming exam, no matter how much they prepare. Meditation and relaxation practices can prove helpful here. Students can not work when they are under stress. Whenever they feel so, they should take some time alone and bring their mind to a calm state. 


The future is always uncertain. There is no way of saying with a 100% guarantee what might happen in the next two minutes, much less two months away. But a strong mindset and consistent effort can help humans cope and overcome all difficulties in their way. Students have to remember that they are in charge of their fate and must face the consequences of their actions. And, what better time than now to make sure they have a prosperous future?

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